A Universal Remote Control for everyone

Do you ever wish you could operate all your audio visual equipment with just one remote? Regardless of brand and range? A universal remote control lets you do that. These ingenious units are compatible with all kinds of devices and can even take on several at once. Universal remote controls simplify your life and de-clutter your coffee table!

Replace and upgrade

Replacing your original remote is an opportunity to discover the many benefits of a universal remote control. Specifically developed to control almost all device type and brand, a Philips universal remote is often superior to the original supplied with your equipment.

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Prestigo - Control all!

Are you troubled with too many remotes at home? Philips' Prestigo allows you to replace a whole coffee table of remotes with one single control. Full control for up to 15 devices was never so simple.

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Prestigo - takes every task in hand, in style

Because a remote control is constantly on display and frequently in use, you want it to blend well with your lifestyle. With elegant lines and smart design, the Prestigo range proclaims style. While its ease of use makes high-end functionality something that everybody can appreciate.

Control up to 15 devices

Prestigo can be all things to all equipment, but your own requirements may vary. With a range of models to choose from, you'll have no problem finding the ideal unit for your needs whether you're looking for an 8-in-1 solution or a control for up to 15 devices.

Easiest set up ever

A universal remote needs to get to know the devices it operates. Thanks to an intelligent wizard-based system, setting up your Prestigo is a breeze. You don't need a manual, PC or the internet to quickly and easily prepare your Prestigo for action.

At-a-glance channel selection

Want a quick and easy way to find your favorite channels? The Prestigo SRU8015 displays color channel icons that identify your favorites so you can switch with ease.

One touch control

Using the Prestigo is simplicity itself. One-touch control allows you to direct multiple devices with one press of a button.

Functions with instinct. Adapts with ease.

The Prestigo is the remote of the moment and the remote of the future. Its distinctive clean, clear layout means you'll never struggle to find the right button for the job. For the functions you choose now and the ones you add later.

The same control, but better

Lost or broken a remote control? Not a problem! With the ultra-reliable SRU5100 series, you can continue to operate your equipment just as you're used to via easy access to all the functions of your old remote.

Operate more than 1000 brands

As much as we'd love you to fill your life with Philips, we know that you'll have other brands of audio-visual equipment in your home. That's why we created the SRU5100 series as the single control solution for almost every brand. And if you want to reduce the clutter on your coffee table, our 7-in-1 units can be set up to operate up to 7 devices.

Fast, smart learners

You don't need to worry about loosing functionality when you switch to a Philips universal remote control. The SRU5150 and SRU5170 units can easy learn to do everything your original remote did. So you never loose control.

Simple set up

You don't need to be a technical wizard to get your new remote control working. The simple set up procedures of the SRU5150 and SRU5170 units ensure you'll be properly prepared in no time. You'll be guided through every stage via the LCD display and a simple quick start guide.

Keeping everything easy

With ergonomic shaping and logically grouped functions, the SRU5100 series are designed in every aspect for optimal ease of use.