TV antenna

    Optimized for HDTV

    Ideal for densely populated urban areas, the digital amplified antenna receives all available local digital broadcasts in full 1080i or 780p resolution. 10dB adjustable low noise amplifier improves range and reception. See all benefits


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Optimized for HDTV

  • Highly directional design

    The high front to back ratio helps reject unwanted multi-path signal corruption. This ensures densely populated urban areas receive clear DVB broadcasting signals.

  • Even response

    A flat forward gain slope delivers balanced reception throughout UHF and ensures all channels are received to the same quality.

  • 10 dB adjustable amplification

    10 dB amplification boosts weak signals, expanding your reception range and allowing you to receive more signals over a greater distance.

  • High gain directional log periodic UHF element

    Highly directional design fine tunes reception for channels 14 through 69.

  • 40" VHF dipoles

    40" dipoles adjust 360° with a 180° tilt to deliver the best possible reception.

  • Weighted base for excellent physical stability

    The weighted base stabilizes the antenna's position so you enjoy more positioning choices.

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