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Philips Blu-ray Disc/ DVD player BDP2100 DivX Plus HD USB2.0 Media Link 2.1 5 37 37
Love the philips brand, long lasting and durable products I rec'd this as a birthday gift from my fianceSte'. He knew that I like philips brand products. They always last a long time. Have great pic quality too. just don't like needing a cord for ethernet. and now there is an upgrade for that but we still have to buy a wireless adapter. 25 June 2014
Updates are annoying and don't always work! Did the last update now my Netflix hangs and has to be unplugged to fix daily. YouTube is now forcing me to log in every time I want to go there to see my selections and to do that I have to start my PC to activate the subscription. Annoying! It seemed to work fine at first but now, what a piece of junk. My Roku streaming over the wifi responds better than a hard wired BDP2100. Very dissappointed. 26 April 2014
Great design, horrible performance I like the ease of use and the design. They are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate and understand. The problem is the player often doesn't work. When using the netlflix app on it it will often lock up ruining any potential experience. In addition there is a horrible lag that is involved any time you attempt to use the remote making pausing difficult especially when it is locking up. This also applies to the start up, where it will immediately choose to start the dvd if one is in it. Now this can sometimes be solved by restarting the software, but I don't think you should have to unplug a piece of electronics to have a possibility of using it properly. If I had to guess someone rushed the software without bothering to ensure quality. It is a decent dvd player, but when it comes to the apps it fails to live up to any expectations. 19 May 2014
Horrible Like so many of the other reviews this is a poorly advertised product. Not WIFI, no cables, only plays audio on SOME titles on Netflix, slow, alphanumerical remote is a joke. Would never recommend this product and will never purchase Philips again. 4 May 2014
great great dvd will tyell all i know to get one its a must have 2 May 2014
WORKS GREAT! I Was looking for a something to use instead of my PS3 in the living room for Blueray, Netfix and Downloaded movies. I read the review here and I had no problems with it at all. plugged in an Ethernet cable, Plugged into my tv and powered up and off I went. Blue Ray was clean and clear. Netflix on the first run was a little slow abut after I logged in I started fine. I rebooted to see if was still lagging and was a lot faster. I tried a movie I had on a usb stik and worked great. I then wanted to play something on my PS3 and it said unable to play format. It was an AVI file. So I decided to try it on the Philips 1080p DVD/Blu-ray Player. and worked flawlessly. Plays files My PS3 cant. I was impressed. 17 March 2014
Love the USB up front. Excellent value .Front mounted USB streams my 1 TB drive, so I have hundreds of movies at my fingertips. Easy to set up. Delivers quality movies. 12 March 2014
This product is so easy to set up and use. I am a women on her own and am a bit of a techno-phobe. I was so pleased that this was so easy to instal and easy to use. Every feature that I use is so clear in vision and sound and just an all round brilliant product. 25 January 2014
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