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Philips  Universal remote control 7 in 1 SRP5107/27

Full Compatibility

Perfect replacement Universal remote control SRP5107/27

Consolidate all your AV remotes into ONE

7-in-1 consolidation remote control with advanced functionality for your DVR and HD. Primary buttons have LED backlighting for easy control, even in the dark.
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I love this programmable remote. The learn function is very easy/quick compared to other remotes I have used. It even was able to learn the remote codes for our fan. I also like the key groupings. Two clusters. Navigation and DVR/DVD play back. I haven't run out of memory yet, but I hope future upgrades increase the max program memory from the current 60 to at least 100. 1 July 2014
Breaks too easily This remote failed after being dropped from a table. Worst durability of any remote I've ever owned. Even before dropping, the code memory failed. It could not be reset, and it would not retain even the codes from the built in libraries. Failure occurred within three weeks of purchase. 24 July 2013
size and bottons remote is too big to hold , and there is no back botton, 12 January 2013
Great Remote for a low price. Easy to use. Programming of non-Philips equipment is easy and fast. Learning feature is easy to use. 21 September 2012
THE BEST REMOTE (and my best friend) Best remote! EZ setup, 7 devices, even my laptop PC! Everything works with this one, forget the $100 + Logitech. I was bummed thinking i was doomed to having 5 - 10 remotes to look for, that i couldn't afford one to do it all. I love this product, someone actually stole it once, and I ran out at midnight to get another one. Worth every penny! Easy to set up, i use mine on: 2 TV's, Envision and Phillips FULL FUNCTION w/ some 'learning' on the Envision tv 2 Stereos, Sony and JVC and their components! CD, tuner, some 'learning' . Impressive!!! and these are older systems. PS: JVC rocks way more than Sony. Magnavox DVD Full Function Magnavox digital TV converter box FULL function HP Pavillion DV 9500 laptop, some learning, WORKS GREAT. and i just lost the oem remote for the PC. keep yer hands off my remote! 17 June 2012
Best learning remote for it's price. Programing method is as easy as it gets. You get 1 code for each brand type, and you push and hold power till your device responds. You can also program any device on any button. If you have 3 DVD players, You can program one on the DVD button, one on the HD button, and one on the VCR button. So it is versital which is a nice feature. Best part of this remote. It can LEARN new codes. Select which button you want to program and your done. (step by step instructions included in manual). Basically, you can LEARN/Assign ANY IR code to ANY button on the Philips remote.This is a MUST HAVE remote for people have several remotes and want to consolidate. Or if youare unable to find a Universal Remote that will work with their devices. You must have original remote for the device in order for Philips remote to learn. Manual says you can only program up to 40 custom buttons. Numeric keypad is a bit scrunched together. The 'Back Light' only applies to top TV thru AUX selection buttons, OK/Select middle button, and Volume and Channel buttons. 16 June 2012
Great for some devices, torture for others This remote does a fantastic job working with my DVD and VCR. Easy to program and all the function keys worked perfectly the first time through. When it came to programming my Satellite (DirecTV) with built-in DVR, I had an absolutely horrific time! First of all (I'm not sure why) there was no list of manufacturer device numbers in my owners manual. I had to find the list on-line. I got my Satellite to turn on and off pretty easily once I got the device number that I needed. The problem came with getting any of the keys to work properly with the remote. I had to program almost every key individually!! Some of them still don't work. I can't get my Menu, Guide, Down Toggle button (really strange since up/right/left work fine), volume, 2, 6, 7, and 0 keys to work at all. Some of the keys that I finally got to program, randomly have to be reprogrammed every now and then. It is really, really odd!! If my kids hadn't destroyed the box, I would have returned the remote and tried something else :-( 4 June 2012
Great buy for the price you pay Great product, for the bucks. Like the product the way it handles multiple units. Easy to program. 9 October 2011
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Full compatibility with your devices

  • Keep updated for future devices via integrated learning keys
  • Works with all your AV devices since 1990

Advanced functions

  • LED illumination of primary keys for ease of use
  • Specifically designed for use with DVR/HD devices
  • Memorize setup codes even when changing batteries

Easy to setup

  • SimpleSetup allows a quick & easy setup of your main devices


SimpleSetup allows a quick & easy setup of your main devices

Set up your universal remote control fast and easily in a few simple steps thanks to the innovative SimpleSetup feature. Independent consumer research showed that more than 92% of consumers rated the new SimpleSetup method as 'good' or 'very good'. In contrast, the traditional setup method scores 59%. (Source: Synovate, US - 2009)


LED illumination of primary keys for ease of use

LED illumination of primary keys allows you to easily operate your remote control even in the dark.

Memorize setup codes even when changing batteries

When you finish entering codes to set up your remote, these codes will be saved automatically, so you will not loose your data even when you replace the batteries.

Works with all your AV devices since 1990

Universal remote control which works with all your AV devices from all brands since 1990.

Specifically designed for use with DVR/HD devices

This remote includes all the standard buttons to operate your DVR/HD, along with T central, thumbs up/down, volume up/down and repeat.

Keep updated for future devices via integrated learning keys

Integrated learning keys allow you to copy and store any functionality from your original remote, simply by pointing and beaming.

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