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Philips SoundBar Home cinema speakers CSS2123B Dolby Digital 4.1 5 16 16
Great product easy to use and setup only thing is no screen to tell the vol or bass but other then that I love it keep up the great work on the products 2 February 2014
Too many annoying aspects Decent sound for the price, but way too many annoying aspects to for me to recommend. See cons below. 1 January 2014
Great Sound Bar and Woofer for the price Philips CSS2123B is a great affordable home sound bar system. Compact design and good sound at a low cost. Only concerns is that the only way to operate the system is with the small remote included with the unit. Do not lose or break this remote as you will not be able to control the unit. There are no buttons on the unit/woofer to adjust or turn on of off. Another bad feature is that there is no visual display for BASS, Treble, or volume. The only way is to listen to hear the difference. 28 December 2013
Great Sound! Love the depth of sound but the set-up directions need improvement. 25 December 2013
Great sound bar for the price on the market today I purchased this item for a 40" TV that I installed in our front room of our home. I currently have a high end sound system for my 60" TV in our main viewing room. So I really did not want to spend a whole lot of money. The 40" was just a back up if my kids were watching a movie or playing video game, and was a place I could go to watch what I wanted. But is was missing the sound of my main system, so I went to Best Buy and started to look at Sound Bars. Tried many brands in the store and then came across this unit with a sub, and it was on sale. It sounded ok in the store but I wanted to test it at home. I hooked it up via the optical cable and I will tell you for the price it works fantastic. It is not going to give you the sound of a $1000 system but it truly is a great option for the terrible speakers on TV's these Days. I highly recommend this product 15 September 2013
Amazing!! I was on the hunt for a compact yet great sounding system for my 32” hdtv. I didn't want the traditional 5.1/7.1 HT in box as they take up space and cramp my room with wires & nails! I considered so many sound bars from lots of big brands; they were all too pricey and only fit for 42" TVs. My search ended with the Philips CSS2123B Nothing prepared me for what I was about to listen! I was simply blown away by the sound coming from such a small unit. I'm by no means an audiophile, but I guess I can differentiate between different nuances. Here are a couple of key points as to why you can give this a try: Design: Remote: The remote is small, cute designed for practicality. There is a power button, volume button, bass & treble which allow you to custom low range, mid range & high range to your taste. In the front you have the aux, optical & coaxial to be selected depending on which source you want. Then there is the ‘surround' button, iLink for ipod/ipad, aux and mute. The only downside is that there R chances of losing it due its small size.(to counter this I got universal remote! Main unit: Just 28" wide, this is the smallest sound bar I've seen. Low-rise profile and fits perfectly under my TV, there r also wall mounting options if u like. All connectivity is found in main unit (unlike some brands which keep them on the subwoofer) really convenient here Now I know what they mean by 'sense and simplicity':) As the sub if placed near the TV or receiver can cause interference. Subwoofer: Nice and compact, with 6' drivers. Connectivity: Have the following coaxial in, Digital optical in, Subwoofer out, AUX in iPod/iPhone: via 3.5mm Audio In Side connections: Audio In (3.5mm) One highlight here is that I've checked other sound bars and most of them did not have coaxial in, I’ve hooked up my DVD player with coaxial output and the sound is just as good as optical out! Philips knows what they are doing & stand apart from the crowd. Performance: Now for the most important part, this unit has a beautiful blend of highs, mids & lows I'm hearing nuance is most songs that I've never heard before! For example the song "Here we go again" by James Blunt (the lows are heard just as the original source!) When I listen to heavy metal/rock/techno I turn on double bass, and also increase the lows & mids as they are user-selectable, amazing punch! Movies sound great, excellent clarity even when volume turned down. If you want you can turn on virtual/simulated surround mode, but I don’t use it. Verdict: Philips always have the edge when in comes to Audio/Video.. 25 October 2013
Awesome sound Very good sound and bass, decent price in canada. the one issue I had with it was that there was no visual display. Even the "off-on" and "surround" lights are on the top which are not visible from normal watching position. 27 August 2013
Great sound for the price... I bought this sound bar because I have a small TV stand and its been perfect! The subwoofer really adds that extra punch to action movies. The sound is crystal clear... no static or hiss or any weird noise. The lights for the power and other features are on top of the sound bar... you have to stand up to see them properly. I also couldn't find a code to program functions to my universal remote, so I have to use the included teeny tiny, very THIN and easily losable remote. It's easy for it to slip in between the sofa cushions, so be careful! 25 August 2013
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