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Philips Soundbar speaker HTL2101A 1.7 5 7 7
Poor quality This soundbar has given us trouble from the day we bought it. It has horrible quality. The sound fluctuates. Sometimes it will be loud and other times we can turn it to full volume and barely hear it. The remote is also cheap quality and the buttons are not very responsive. I updated the software and it helped some, but still disappointing. 4 August 2014
Really Disappointing Bought it with the hopes of plugging it into my smart TV with little trouble. Come to find out it doesn't come with any cables. Why wasn't this stated on the box? The users manual is useless. Bought a cable and it didn't work. Followed the instructions to the letter (of which there were few). The website offered little help. Tried to get support via on-line chat and it was unavailable. Tried to Google the product for troubleshooting to no avail. I've owned quality Philips products in the past and have always been pleased. This is truly a disappointment and an inconvenience to return. Will be more scrutinizing when I attempt a different manufacturer's product. At least I'm armed with questions this time. 30 January 2014
Good for a step up from TV speakers We wanted something economical that would simply give us better audio than our TV. With 3 kids running around playing, our TV speakers were no match for the constant background noise in our house. Overall, we are happy with this soundbar, because it does give us better volume. The only complaint we have with it is that the remote sensor is on top of the unit, so when the soundbar is sitting in front of the TV (ours is on a stand at eye level), you have to reach your arm way up to get the remote signal to the sensor, or you have to angle the soundbar down some so you can see the sensor. It seems like it would have been better designed to have the sensor on the front of the unit... Unless these things are intended to sit on the floor? (Not practical when you've got a toddler in the house). Also, at first, the soundbar was blocking the sensor on the front of our TV, so we had to elevate the TV a few inches to overcome that. But all-in-all, we're happy with it for the price. 11 January 2014
Great product Easy to hook up, and sounds great. The surround sound could use some work. It sounds like an echo, but you don't have to use it if you don't want to. Overall I think it's a great product. It also looks nice, and can be mounted on the wall. 8 January 2014
Bad design When the sound bar sitting in front of your t.v. or facing you the "on" light is on the top so you can't tell if it is turned on and the sound bar doesn't seem to work at times since it is so slow to activate when it is turned on. This one is going back and I would not recommend it. The surround sound function sounds like a cheap echo. 1 January 2014
Does not work in front of TV This product is shown as being mounted under the TV. Unfortunately, when placed under the TV the remote for the sound bar does not work. After checking that the battery was good, I eventually figured out that moving the sound bar to the side of the TV or 12 inches below the TV that the remote would work. Apparently the sound bar is not shielded enough to allow it to work directly under the TV. I therefore ended up having to place it to the side of the TV for the remote to work. 28 December 2013
Setup No audio cables included, not recommended. Very disappointed. returned and bought a better product. 17 December 2013
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