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Philips  Portable connected device 23cm/ 9

Enjoy iPod/iPhone/iPad video in your car

Portable connected device PV9002I/37

with two widescreen displays

Get delighted with the PV9002i. Watch stored videos from your iPhone on its two larger 9” LCDs on the road. Enjoy online video, photo and music via 3G streaming. While a cup cradle charges the phone and also enjoy easy in-car set up.
Philips Portable connected device PV9002I 23cm/ 9" LCD For iPod, iPhone & iPad 3 5 11 11
extremely happy with it! Great product, easy to use, much easier then dvd's. Bought two, one for each car. 24 July 2014
Was initially satisified I purchased this about 9 months ago and have been very happy with them until I upgraded to the iPhone 5. Now this unit is a big paper weight until Phillips gets on the ball and creates a cord that works with the iPhone 5. 7 October 2013
Terrible product-DO NOT BUY! VERY poorly designed product. The cords pl;ug into the bottom of the screen so when we go over the slightest bump, they fall out (they don't snap or click in). So disappointed! I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. 11 September 2013
One Year I was excited when I purchased these last summer for those long trips and for driving around town (when a friend lives 40 mins away). lots of chords. After a year, the chords don't work on one of the TVs. I tried replacing but its a NO GO. I have the iPhone 4 so it works. I'm about to buy the iPhone5 so i'm wondering if it will still work based on the reviews below. In regards to the headphone jack, yep, no slot. I get what the reader says below about buying a splitter, blah blah blah, but who wants to add more wires. It's bad enough all the wires now. that's just another headache. Why wouldn't they build this already in???? The sound is good for the little ones but if an adult was trying to listen to the video in the 3rd row, it's impossible. To be honest I don't think my kids can really hear it themselves. I think they are just happy to see something on a screen. they are 4 and 5. I'll have to make sure my next car has this already installed 17 July 2013
Do not buy. This product does not support the iPhone 5 or anything with the lightning connector. The cords that plug into the display no longer work and you have to get them in "just right" for anything to play back. Very disappointed after only a year. 24 June 2013
This was not very well thought out produce Very disappointed with this product. Very limited product design with kids in mind or flexibility. This product was designed to survive one year at max. Cords connection are not universal, very specific to this product, therefore if there is wear and tear no way to replace. Cords are not designed to handle the stress of a kid grabbing and pulling, nor are the connectors built to be put back together over and over. They promote a good volume level, however there have been movies that I could barely hear with volume knob at max. The cords are only designed to reach first row seats, no options to buy cord extenders since cord connections are not universal. 20 April 2013
LOUSY PRODUCT I purchased two of these units. Very dissatisfied with them. Neither of them charged my 5th generation Ipod classic. The box says it will. No parts available (no longr offering replacement cords for charging). I think Phillips should contact customers for better design input. I wish I'd never purchased. I have been a loyal Phillips customer for many years. Have not been able to get any satisfaction. 5 April 2013
Great product This was such a great buy for me. Have 3 kids so on long trips they are lifesavers. I would of have it all 5 stars but now that my wife and I have upgrade to iphone 5 we can't use it as we use to. Luckily I still had an old iphone around that's on it's last legs or we just couldn't use them anymore. Hopefully Phillips come out with a solution soon. 25 March 2013
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Play your movies, music and photos on the go

  • 22.9 cm (9") TFT color widescreen LCD display
  • Built-in stereo speakers for quality sound
  • Expand movie enjoyment with dual TFT LCD screens

Extra touches for your convenience

  • Car adaptor and mounting strap included
  • Simple to set up with only one cable to connect
  • Travel bag included


22.9 cm (9") TFT color widescreen LCD display

The high resolution color LCD display brings images to life, showing off your treasured photos, favorite movies and music with the same 'real life' rich detail and vibrant colors as high quality prints.

22.9cm/9" TFT color widescreen
Built-in stereo speakers

Built-in stereo speakers for quality sound

The stereo speaks provide quality sound and allow you to listen freely. Enjoy music anytime, anywhere, with built-in stereo speakers that allow the convenience and enjoyment of music playback simply by unplugging the headphone.

Car adaptor and mounting strap included

It comes with convenient in-car accessories to enhance your movie enjoyment on the road. A car adaptor allows you to power your portable DVD player using the cigarette charger, while a mounting strap allows you to attach the player to your car headrest for passenger viewing. Setting up a portable player has never been easier.

Car adaptor and mounting strap
Dual TFT LCD display screens

Expand movie enjoyment with dual TFT LCD screens

Dual screens allow you to display same videos or images from the portable DVD players. Simply plug in and mount the screens on the headrests in your car. Now you can enjoy your favorite DVD movies and JPEG photos with family and friends at the backseats easily and comfortably.

Simple to set up with only one cable to connect

Connect only one cable and your home theater system is ready to deliver a great sound experience. Despite the sophisticated engineering that delivers the finest surround sound, this home theater is surprisingly easy to set up. Whether on the wall, on a TV stand or on a table, it conveniently goes where you want it - fitting into your home and your lifestyle with perfect ease.

Simple to set up
Travel bag included

Travel bag included

The travel bag offers complete protection whilst on-the-go.

* iPhone/iPod/iPad is required for the product

* iPhone not included

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