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Philips  Digital TV antenna Indoor SDV1125T/27

Enjoy digital reception

Digital TV antenna SDV1125T/27

Passive antenna

This passive antenna has been designed to provide a good reception of Digital broadcasts. Its fine tuning knob will allow you to adjust VHF and UHF stations to achieve the best possible reception for each frequency.
Philips Digital TV antenna SDV1125T Indoor Passive HDTV/UHF/VHF/FM 4.3 5 3 3
Okay antenna Inexpensive antenna, works good for price. I get a decent number of channels most come in HD quality clear. 31 May 2013
Works Great. I am extremely novice about antennas and tvs, and I couldn't believe I was able to get the antenna to work so great on my parent's TV. For months they had been without the tv in the living room as my brothers were trying to get it to work from an antenna in the attic that was hooked up to the tv in the kitchn but it did not work on the one in the living room. I was very pleasantly suprised at the sharp picture once the channels were locked in. I may have to go back and delete a few channels that don't have anything on them unless I work with the knob more on top to see if they come in at all. Would definitely recommend. Alot easer than I had thought possible. Also it said it could pick up signals from a distance of 20 miles, and I know the cities where they are coming in from are about 40 or farther. 18 March 2013
Good performance & stylish for low price My model was SDV2210/17. I attached it to my computer that has a TV tuner with the purpose of receiving HDTV for the free broadcast networks. I live in a concrete block, 2 story townhouse, attached on both sides. The VHF stations were received in sharp HD except for ABC which is difficult to receive in my area. With digital signals the picture is either on or off, there is no in between reception. I had to place the antenna on the second floor and run an extension down to the first floor to keep ABC from cutting out. Besides the rabbit ears there is a short UHF antenna and a fine tuning rotating nob that helped bring in these channels reasonably well. The unit is stylish, light in weight , but sturdy, and low in price. I would be surprised if any other rabbit ears antenna could do better. 28 September 2011
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Easy installation

  • 12 Position UHF/VHF fine tuning control

Enjoy more programming choices

  • VHF/FM dipoles for expanded reception

Environmentally friendly

  • PVC / BFR free to respect the environment


12 Position UHF/VHF fine tuning control

12 position fine tuning knob for VHF and UHF stations allows you to achieve the best possible reception for each frequency.

PVC / BFR free to respect the environment

This product does not contain PVC and BFR materials to respect the environment.

VHF/FM dipoles for expanded reception

VHF/FM dipoles, commonly know as "rabbit ears", allow you to receive TV programs broadcast on the VHF spectrum and radio broadcast on the FM spectrum. Extending and manipulating the dipoles brings in optimum signals.

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