Epilation technology

Epilators have rapidly rotating discs that trap hairs and pull them out by the roots. This may be a little painful, but the results are semi-permanent as some hairs never grow back.




Gentle tweezing discs

To make epilating more comfortable, gentle tweezing discs remove hairs as short as 0.5 mm without pulling the skin.



Ceramic discs

The innovative Philips ceramic textured discs of the epilators remove even the shortest hairs in the gentlest way. The ceramic texture reinforces the sturdiness of the discs, ensures more efficient hair catching, and allows soft, close contact with the skin around each hair to prevent pulling.  Antibacterial particles in the ceramic tweezers ensure optimal hygiene.





Precision epilation

Especially for more sensitive areas, Philips has designed a range of Wet & Dry precision epilators. These are ideal for delicate skin such as on the bikini line or armpits. Their compact design also makes them handy for travelling.



Wet & Dry

Some cordless epilators from Philips are suitable for use in the shower or bath, providing you with a convenient and comfortable way of epilating.






Epilating tips & tricks

When it comes to hair removal, epilators are brilliant for achieving long-lasting smoothness. For a more convenient epilation session and better results, just follow these simple tips.

Tips & Tricks

Gradually grow less
Over time, epilating can actually stop some hairs from coming back. To achieve 50% less hair growth, epilate every 4 weeks.

When you are new to epilation, the first few sessions might be a little painful. To reduce this, try epilating when you’re relaxed, and avoid stimulants like coffee.

Tips & Tricks

Go against the flow
Make gentle upward strokes against the hair growth direction, starting at a lower speed if you're feeling sensitive.

Tips & Tricks

Open up
Good news: epilating gets less and less painful over time. To make hair removal easier, first take a bath or shower to open the skin pores.

Tips & Tricks

Peas keep cool
After epilating, sooth your skin by cooling it with a bag of frozen peas.

Tips & Tricks

Exfoliating smooths the skin and helps prevent ingrown hairs. Exfoliate between sessions, but give it a rest for a few days after epilating.

Tips & Tricks

Shaving & trimming technology

When you’re in a rush, shaving and trimming quickly give you the results you want. No pain; no fuss.

Double-foil shaver

The double-foil shaving head with sensitive foil geometry has been designed to give you a smooth shave while protecting your skin.

Wet & Dry

Unlike many other brands, most Philips trimmers and shavers are designed for both wet and dry use. You can use them in the shower or bath for extra comfort, or on dry skin for a convenient, quick touch-up whenever you need one.

Hypoallergenic shaving heads

Hypoallergenic golden shaving foils protect your skin, while the aloe vera strip provides extra smoothness and hydration.

Precision trimming

Create the length and shape you want quickly and easily, without any nicks or cuts. The Philips range of trimmers allows you to trim hairs to different length (from 0.5mm to 10mm) for versatile styles in your bikini area. We also have facial trimmers, which are specially designed for shaping your eyebrows and for easy facial touch-ups.


Tips for Shaving & Trimming

Even if you've been shaving and trimming for years, it can still be handy to find out how to improve your experience - and results.

Make a clean start
Take a shower or bath before you start in order to open the pores and allow for a more precise trim and a closer shave. Philips Ladyshaves can also be used in the wet, if you'd rather shave in the shower or bath.

Tips & Tricks

Tame before you aim
Trim your bikini area before shaping – Philips Bikini Perfect has 5 length setting combs for even results and a precision trimmer for an accurate finish.

Tips & Tricks

Hold the lotion
When shaving or trimming on dry skin, make sure that your skin is completely dry and free from creams or lotions.

Tips & Tricks

Go against the flow
To get the closest shave, make upward strokes, against the direction in which your hair grows.

Tips & Tricks

Stay in touch
For best results, hold your bikini trimmer or Ladyshave at 90ᵒ and make sure the entire appliance head is in contact with your skin.

Tips & Tricks

Post-shave pamper
After shaving, treat your skin to a thirst-quenching body lotion or oil for a silky-soft glow.

Tips & Tricks

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