EP Navigator

Making the difference with Live Image Guidance

EP navigator facilitates intuitive 3D catheter image guidance during AF ablation procedures. It provides a detailed 3D image of anatomy, which can be precisely registered with overlaid onto 2D live fluoroscopy to support complex procedures.

Immerse patients in relaxation


If you choose the in-bore experience, you can offer your patients something that they never expected from an imaging study. You can create an atmosphere that transports them out of the imaging suite and into a relaxing environment of their choice. Through an immersive video experience that distracts and entertains patients while they are in the bore, you can enhance patient cooperation and workflow, and deliver an experience that elevates patient comfort.


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Dr Michel Christian

“My sincere impression is that we do reduce patient motion, we reduce cancellations, and we do reduce repeat sequences and non-completed studies. So you could say it also improves on our efficiency.”


Dr. Michel Christian Nèmery, MD, Neuroradiologist and Chairman, Department of Radiology, Herlev Gentofte University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark


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Clinical Case Map

Clinical Case Map

Now, you can see proof of the power of dStream, the Philips broadband digital MR architecture that helps you get information consistently, in the same time.
The interactive dStream Clinical Case Map shows you real clinical cases from dStream users that illustrate how dStream brings digital clarity and speed to MR imaging. You can choose to view cases by clinical area, field strength or your imaging need.

The dStream Clinical Case Map is a remarkable way to appreciate the power of dStream. Visit it now –and be prepared to be amazed.


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Find the right coil for your system


Ergonomic, digital and lightweight, our broad range of coils is available in multiple configurations. Learn more about our full range of coils below.


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Find the right clinical applications for your needs


Our software solutions provide you with a wide range of applications. Use the software selector to find the right clinical application to serve your needs.


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FieldStrength provides regular features and articles on magnetic resonance imaging. It serves as a resource for Philips MRI users to share solutions to their day-to-day challenges in MRI clinical practice.


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NetForum Community

NetForum Community

Visit our NetForum online community to share clinical experiences, optimize results, and learn from peers around the globe.



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