OneBlade Pro

OneBlade Pro

OneBlade to trim, edge, shave, Designed to cut hair not skin, 12-length precision comb, Rechargeable, wet & dry use QP6510/20


Can I edge up my beard with Philips OneBlade?

Yes. You can use both edges of your Philips OneBlade to create sharp lines and perfect edges. Read on for further information.

How to edge up your beard with Philips OneBlade:

1) Switch on your OneBlade.

2) Place the edge of the blade horizontally onto the skin. This allows for more precise detailing of sideburns and the area around the mouth and nose.

3) Make straight strokes while applying gentle pressure.

4) Switch off and clean your OneBlade after every use.

Edging your beard

The information on this page applies to the following models: QP6510/20 .



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