Saeco Xelsis Super-automatic espresso machine

15 Beverages, Latteduo system, Titanium Front, 12-step adjustable grinder SM7684/04

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use another filter than the Saeco AquaClean filter?

Your Saeco espresso machine's water tank is especially designed for use with the Saeco AquaClean filter, therefore other filters will not fit in the water tank.

We advise you to use the Saeco AquaClean Calc and Water filter

Its new patented technology dramatically reduces the risk of your machine clogging up with scale and it also minimizes the hassle of descaling.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SM7684/04 , SM7685/04 , SM7684/00 , HD8911/48 , EP3360/14 , SM7685/00 , HD8911/67 , HD8924/47 , HD8927/47 , HD8911/47 , HD8917/47 . more less

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