Multigroom series 3000 multipurpose trimmer

13 pieces, tempered steel blades, lithium power: 60 min runtime, impact-resistant guards MG3750/10

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Philips groomer directly from the mains?

No, the Philips groomer does not run from the mains. Make sure that it is fully charged before you start using it.

The information on this page applies to the following models: MG3750/10 , TT2040/32 , QT4000/16 , QT4014/16 , QG3330/16 , QG3340/16 , BG2026/32 , BG2036/32 , QS6140/32 , QS6160/32 , QG3250/32 , QG3280/32 , TT2030/60 , TT2030/36 , TT2021/36 , TT2021/30 , TT2022/30 , TT2021/33 , QC5015/30 . more less

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