Avent Smart baby monitor

With SafeConnect Technology, For smartphone and tablet, Compatible with iOS & Android SCD860/27


I keep losing the connection with my Philips Avent Smart baby monitor

Test your WiFi connection

Please check if your WiFi signal is strong enough in the room where the Philips Avent Smart baby monitor is positioned. You can do this by downloading a speed test app in the app store. Your download and upload speed at the location of your Philips Avent Smart baby monitor should be above 2 Mbps for a stable connection. Is your WiFi connection below 2 Mbps? A WiFi repeater is a good solution to improve your WiFi signal strength.

Test your Smartphone connection

If the WiFi status light is solid green on your smart baby monitor and the connection still keeps getting lost then the problem may be with the internet connection of your smartphone or tablet. Please check the WiFi strength on your smartphone or tablet. If the WiFi connection on your smart device is not stable, please check if your mobile connection (3G or 4G) is working properly for connecting with the Philips Avent Smart baby monitor.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCD860/27 .

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