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    PicoPix Audio/video cable for iPhone/iPod/iPad

    1m/3.3ft PPA1160/F7


    How do i connect my PPX1230/PPX1430 to an iphone/Ipad

    For apple devices with 30 Pin connector : Iphone 1 /Iphone 3/Iphone 4 / Ipad 1 /Ipad2/Ipad 3: - connect the optional i-phone cable (PPA1160)- and switch the PicoPix “on”

    • Select the “source” function in the Menu (only for PPX1430)

    To watch Photos:

    1. Start the Photos App.
    2. Select your album or any photo.
    3. Start the slide show.

    Important : When the slide show is not running nothing will be projected.

    To watch a video:

    1. Movies have to be stored to the APP via i-tunes.
    2. Connect your PicoPix to your i-phone.
    3. Start the video APP - i-pod or CineX Player (for DIVX).
    4. Select your video and start it.
    5. The movie will be projected.

    For Apple devices with lightining connector : iphone 5 / Ipad mini / Ipad 4/ Ipad mini Retina / Ipad Air :

    1. You need an Apple lightining to Vga adapter and VGA cable PPA1150.
    2. Connect the adapter to your apple device.
    3. Connect the Vga cable 1150 to the adapter and to your PicoPix.
    4. Select “VGA” in the source menu of your PicoPix.
    5. Screen mirroring will start automatically.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: PPA1160/F7 .

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