Portable speaker

Pink SBA1710PNK/37


My Philips speaker does not function

This speaker only works with (charged) batteries inserted.

Check that the inserted batteries are charged.

If the speaker still doesn't work, please contact the helpdesk.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SBA1710PNK/37 , SBA1710/37 , SBA1600BLK/27 , SBA1600RED/27 , SBA1600PNK/27 , SBA1600GRN/27 , SBA1600BLU/27 , SBA1520/27 , SBA1600/37 , SBA3000/37 , SBA1700/37 , SBA1700/00 , SBA3000/00 , SBA1600/00 , SBA1503/37 , SBA1500/37 . more less

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