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    digital widescreen flat TV

    50", plasma, integrated digital 50PF7321D/37


    My Philips TV is not adding some local channels after some automatic installation

    Automatic installation was interrupted before installation was completed. Try automatic installation again and confirm if the television is adding your local channels.

    If the same channels are still not added, it appears that you may have a signal problem. Contact the cable provider or local broadcaster regarding the specific channel.

    Or, you can try adding the weak channels:

    1. Press the 'MENU'button on the remote control.
    2. Press the cursor up/down to select INSTALLATION and press cursor right.
    3. Press the cursor up/down to select WEAK CHANNEL INSTALLATION and press cursor right.
    4. Press the cursor up/down to select the channel you wish to restore and press the red button (START) to start installation.
    5. Once the manual installation is completed, press the green button (STORE) to store the channel.
    6. Press the 'MENU' button to exit the menu.

    For your information, the above steps is for TV channels installed via an antenna connection as it allows you to manually tune weak ATSC channels in order to adjust the antenna and thus optimize signal quality for that channel.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 50PF7321D/37 , 42PF7421D/37 , 32PF7421D/37 , 42PF7321D/37 , 37PF7321D/37 , 32PF7321D/37 , 42PF5321D/37 , 26PF5321D/37 , 32PF5321D/37 . more less

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