Avent Straw Cups

Avent Straw Cups

Replacement straw set, 2-pack SCF791/00


My Philips Avent straw cup is leaking

If your Philips Avent straw cup is leaking, you can often easily mend it yourself. Find out how to prevent your straw cup from leaking.

Tips and tricks

To prevent your Philips Avent straw cup from leaking, try the following:

  • Check if it is assembled correctly
  • Screw the top securely on the container, but do not overtightened
  • Push the soft silicone straw fully in the top of the cap
  • Make sure that the cap is fully closed during transportation

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF791/00 , SCF790/00 , SCF790/21 , SCF790/22 , SCF792/00 , SCF792/20 , SCF792/21 , SCF792/22 . more less

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