Sterilizing baby feeding equipment

Sterilizing your feeding equipment for the first six months protects your baby from harmful germs until your little one’s immune system has matured and grown stronger.

Philips AVENT - Sterilizing baby feeding equipment


Feeding your baby breast milk is the perfect first step towards helping build a healthy immune system, as well as providing the best nutrition. While you’re concentrating on establishing breastfeeding, there should be no need to use any equipment for feeding.

Sterilizing bottles and soothers

Once breastfeeding is established and you choose to use a breast pump, bottle, soothers (or any other equipment that comes into contact with milk and your baby), it’s essential to sterilize it before each use. Germs in milk can be particularly harmful to a baby with an immature immune system. Forgetting to properly clean and sterilize your baby’s feeding equipment can lead to a tummy upset, diarrhoea and an unhappy baby and mum.

Of course, you probably think it’s yet another job you could do without, but sterilizing is quick, easy and efficient, especially with a sterilizer that uses steam and heat.

Weaning equipment

If you’ve introduced solids before six months, it’s wise to sterilize the bowls and spoons. After that time, only milk feeding equipment like bottles and breast pumps need to be sterilized until your little one is a year old.

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