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Surge protector

    Surge protector

    Home Theater System

    Simple, powerful and stackable this unique surge protector completely isolates connected equipment from the power source during a catastrophic over-voltage event and then automatically resets to restore protection and operation. See all benefits

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Surge protector

Theatre director, 12 outlets SPP4220WA/27 Find similar products

Home Theater System

6120 Joules

  • 4 sets coax protection

    Gold-plated connectors route the coaxial signal through the surge protector to protect the line from surges and spikes. Allows 4 cable devices to be plugged into the same unit. Gold connectors act to reduce noise (snow, vertical lines, etc) in picture and keep data safer from devices with cable modems.

  • Phone line protection

    These connectors accommodate an RJ11 cord, routing the telephone line through the surge protector to guard against spikes and surges.

  • 1-line splitter

    These connectors route the telephone line through the surge protector and split the line to allow two devices to be connected. It offers the convenience of leaving two devices connected constantly even though they may not be used simultaneously

  • s-OV technology

    This technology automatically senses an overvoltage and reacts quickly by completely disconnecting power from the main source, while continually delivering power to connected equipment from battery power. Power will be automatically reconnected to the main source once the surge event is over.

  • V3 Advanced Surge Technology

    This new surge protection technology provides 27% greater surge protection capacity and better heat dissipation for safe, more reliable and longer lasting surge protection.

  • 80 dB EMI/RFI noise filtration

    Built-in filtering technology ensures the best performance from your components. It guards against signal interference and loss of data. The higher the dB rating the better the noise reduction.

  • 12 outlets

    Converts one outlet into 12 outlets allowing you to plug in multiple devices from one single AC outlet.

  • $1,000,000 connected equipment warranty

    Protects your connected equipment for the life of the product.

  • 8 ft power cord

    Provides power to the unit which can be 8 feet from the AC outlet.

  • 2 always on outlets

    Two outlets that are not controlled by the master power switch. Constant power is maintained for devices like rechargers, fax machines, etc.

  • RJ45 data line protection

    These connectors route the data line through the surge protector to protect against spikes and surges that may occur through the data line.

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