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to develop
a turnkey healthcare

A large private healthcare group was looking for an experienced advisor to help them develop a turnkey healthcare solution with a European style of patient-centric care and level of quality.

Their challenge was to turn existing outdated facilities into profitable, state-of-the-art healthcare and wellness centers that fit the expectations of the population and medical capabilities of the region.

Philips healthcare consulting experts helped the group develop a concrete vision, assessed the current facilities and market situation, used detailed clinical and financial scenarios to guide strategic discussions, and made concrete recommendations and estimates for realizing the project.

"The group has benefited from Philips broad clinical and technology expertise, as well as their knowledge of healthcare markets in transition. This resulted in a business model that is comprehensive and innovative – and more important realistic to achieve."

Our Approach

Philips consulting team worked closely with the group’s key stakeholders. We addressed their challenges by doing extensive market and clinical assessments and by guiding strategic discussions. Activities included:


  • facilitating co-creation vision workshops to help the group clarify and align the vision with all the stakeholders and thereby develop a concrete vision
  • carrying out interviews, data analysis, and market analysis (desk research and consumer research) to assess the current situation and identify the opportunities
  • using detailed clinical and business scenarios to guide strategic discussions
  • creating concrete recommendations and estimates to realize the project
A market analysis was done by Philips experts to assess the anticipated healthcare need for private healthcare services by the population near the group’s facilities.

The market analysis identified the in-patient profile of regional hospitals (left), disease prevalence of the adult population per district (upper right), and household expenditures in the region per month (lower right).

A capacity model was used by Philips experts to guide strategic discussions.

The capacity model visualizes and calculates “what-if” scenarios for clinical services to be delivered. Philips experts develop and adapt various scenarios during strategic discussions to guide decision making.


Plans for this complex, multi-year project are currently underway between the healthcare group and Philips.

Several important milestones have already been accomplished. The short-term and long-term visions have been defined. The project is being guided by a financial model that meets the customer’s requirements. Work on a pediatric center and educational center are progressing. Proposals for clinical pathways and associated processes and systems for documentation are being developed. 

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