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    Diagnostic Imaging and informatics

    IT teams are being asked to advance the healthcare digital transformation for the long run to mitigate the unprecedented growth of unstructured data, standardize IT platforms and combat increasingly sophisticated cyber threats; at the same time these same IT teams must perform and adapt quickly the COVID-19 global crisis new environment, by taking measures that maintain care team support, while preventing compromised patient data privacy, security, and compliance.

    Featured imaging and informatics products

    • New
      CX50 Ultrasound system

      CX50 Critical care

      Ultrasound system
      • Premium technologies for proven performance
      • PureWave imaging for technically difficult patients
      • SonoCT and XRES improves image quality and reduces noise
    • New
      Sparq Ultrasound system


      Ultrasound system
      • Simplicity Mode simplifies your controls on the system.
      • Intuitive Dynamic Interface makes scanning easy
      • Ergonomic design for ease of use in challenging environments
    • New
      EPIQ Elite A new class of premium ultrasound has arrived

      EPIQ Elite  

      A new class of premium ultrasound has arrived
      • nSIGHT Imaging is a totally different approach to ultrasound
      • PureWave and xMATRIX for leading-edge ultrasound transducer technology
      • 24" HD MAX Display for the ultimate ultrasound visualization experience

    Computed tomography / Advanced molecular imaging products for COVID-19

      MX16ᴱᵛᵒ CT scanner


      CT scanner
      • Superb image quality
      • DoseRight for efficient dose management
      • Dedicated Pediatric Protocols for low dose
    • New
      IQon Spectral CT The world's first and only detector-based spectral CT

      IQon Spectral CT  

      The world's first and only detector-based spectral CT
      • Drive your clinical performance
      • Sustain image quality and dose management
      • Become a recognized clinical leader

    Diagnostic X-ray products for COVID-19

    • New
      DigitalDiagnost C90 Ceiling mounted digital radiography solutions

      DigitalDiagnost C90  

      Ceiling mounted digital radiography solutions
      • Fast workflow with Eleva Tube Head touch screen
      • High room utilization and patient throughput
      • Improved actionable nodule detection with Philips Bone Suppression*
    • New
      DuraDiagnost Digital radiography systems


      Digital radiography systems
      • Productive solutions
      • Eleva efficiency
      • Lightweight wireless portable detector
    Skyflow Plus

    Skyflow Plus



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    Organized to assist

    We've aligned our resources and capabilities to help provide care systems with expedited access to information and healthcare solutions to meet their patient care needs.

    Actively adapting

    We're adapting and advancing our products and technologies to help address the complexities of the illness, patient populations and care conditions.

    Creating connections

    We're leveraging our infrastructure and platforms to connect care teams and help care systems communicate as efficiently as possible as they navigate the preparation, response and recovery efforts.