Ingenuity PET/MR system

Ingenuity TF

PET/MR system

The image quality you demand comes from advanced technology for each modality. Time-of-Flight for PET. MultiTransmit for MR. Only from Philips.

MultiTransmit MR

MultiTransmit MR - up to 40% faster than conventional 3T MR

With multiple RF sources, MultiTransmit allows up to a 40% increase in scanning speed and increased image uniformity and consistency compared to conventional 3T MR. By automatically adjusting the RF transmission signals to the size and shape of each individual patient, Ingenuity TF PET/MR provides superb diagnostic images in the most demanding high-field applications. The system allows fast imaging (e.g., sub minute brain, spine, and knee scans) as well as high-resolution imaging (e.g., 100 um orthopedic scans).
Time-of-Flight PET

Time-of-Flight PET enhances diagnostic confidence

Time-of-Flight PET provides enhanced diagnostic confidence with up to 30% improved contrast compared to non-TOF PET imaging. Exceptional speed and full-fidelity PET imaging enhances patient care. See fully list mode-reconstructed images within minutes of acquisition.

PET/MR - manage radiation associated with PET/CT

Compared to PET/CT, PET/MR eliminates the X-Ray radiation associated with CT, lowering overall radiation dose to the patient.*
Simplified workflow

Simplified workflow enhances procedures

In addition to improved contrast resolution and fast scanning, simplify your workflow through an integrated user interface and protocol management for the entire PET/MR exam, and expand the clinical possibilities for oncology and neurology scanning.
True clinical leadership

True clinical leadership attracts grants and referrals

It’s the only PET/MR system that leverages both Time-of-Flight PET and MultiTransmit MR to provide cutting-edge clinical and research capability through high image quality. The system provides a full spectrum of applications and analysis to facilitate research in personalized molecular medicine for enhanced diagnostic confidence, treatment planning, and care. Drive leadership for your facility through the potential for increased publication, grant opportunities, and clinical referrals.
IntelliSpace portal

IntelliSpace portal for efficient review of exams

Advanced visualization for real-time radiology is designed to accelerate the speed of quality care, turning any standard configuration PC into a powerful multimodality workspace with a wide range of proven clinical applications.
  • *The system does not expose the patient to ionizing radiation, but only to the dose contribution from the PET radiopharmaceutical.