PET/CT system

Philips GEMINI TF with Astonish TF technology enhances PET imaging, and now offers 4D Time-of-Flight for PET/CT. It's changing the way you see PET/CT. Enjoy consistent image quality across all types of studies at low dose levels.

Astonish TF

Astonish TF for enhanced lesion detectability

Astonish TF is Philips next evolution in Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology. It enhances image quality by reducing noise and providing increased sensitivity. Exceptional system sensitivity allows the use of low doses.
OpenView Gantry

OpenView Gantry for easier patient access

The unique OpenView gantry enhances the patient experience, especially for claustrophobic and pediatric patients and provides patient access for clinicians.
4D TOF Respiratory Motion Management

4D TOF respiratory motion management reduces noise

Philips 4D Time-of-Flight respiratory motion management offers comprehensive tools for CT, PET, and PET/CT respiratory correlated imaging. It provides improved image quality and reduced noise, and helps patients to breathe consistently throughout the exam.
Enhanced workflow

Enhanced workflow to increase throughput

Benefit from smooth workflow thanks to our fast 4D TOF performance and Brilliance Workspace simplicity. PET acquisition times are as short as 10 minutes. One step acquisition planning, enhanced QC workflow and “one touch” couch motion save you valuable time.
Cardiac Analysis

Cardiac Analysis for comprehensive cardiac PET analysis

This advanced tool supports comprehensive cardiac PET analysis, including assessment of myocardial perfusion and viability. It offers a combined protocol, including surview, low dose CT, and cardiac rest and stress, to simplify workflow. QC Alignment features provide correction of PET and CT registration caused by patient motion.
190-cm scan length

190-cm scan length for whole body imaging

This system offers a 190-cm scan length for both PET and CT, which allows true whole body imaging for almost all patients in one scan.