Pinnacle Dynamic Planning with Deformable Image Registration

Assess, re-plan, and estimate accumulated dose distribution from multiple radiation treatment plans.

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Pinnacle Dynamic Planning provides fast assessment and re-planning tools to help monitor treatment efficacy and create new plans. Deformable Image Registration (DIR) maps corresponding image points between multiple CT and CBCT scans to improve accuracy in planning, evaluation and delivery.

Fast assessment and automated re-planning

Fast assessment and automated re-planning

Designed for easier treatment adaptation, Pinnacle Dynamic Planning makes it possible to save hours on adapting a patient’s treatment plan. Tools for fast assessment and re-planning, automate the time consuming processes, generating “at-a-glance” information to monitor treatment efficacy and create new plans without starting all over again..
Deformable Image Registration (DIR)

DIR enhancements to Dynamic Planning

DIR adds numerous key benefits to Pinnacle3 Dynamic Planning, including robust registration that provides flexible and accurate registration for all types of organs. Effective registration QA tools quantify algorithm accuracy and estimate registration outcomes, while registration approval management mandates user-specific approval for accepted registration solutions. Other accuracy enhancements include a re-planning assessment that estimates the differences between planned and delivered dose distribution, and re-treatment planning to assess the impact of previously delivered dose to ensure re-irradiation tolerances for previously treated volume.
Deformable Image Registration (DIR)

Accurate estimation of accumulated dose distribution

DIR has been integrated into Pinnacle³ Dynamic Planning’s fast assessment and automated re-planning workflow to accurately estimate the accumulated dose distribution from multiple radiation treatments. DIR propogates contours between CT/CT and CT/CBCT images to evaluate organs movements and tumor growth/regression over time, which can then be used to create an optimal dose distribution for the next new treatment.
Trending tools

Manage treatment plans over time

Dynamically track treatment plan changes or change over time in volume or motion of target or clinical structures, for patient consultations and peer reviews. Navigating through historic plans visualizes the changes that were implemented, and trending tools show change over time.