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Obstetrical care is dependent on data, but the vital connection between clinicians and patients should be the focus – not the technology. Your perinatal solution should be an unobtrusive yet easily accessible network that simplifies workflow, supports effective communication among the care team, and integrates obstetrical information with your electronic medical record (EMR). The result? You spend more time with expectant mothers and less time documenting care.


Philips obstetrical care solution uses the power of our exclusive digital technology to feed fetal and maternal ECG, heart rate, and uterine contraction data from transducers and electrodes to Avalon FM monitors, and then automatically to IntelliSpace Perinatal for surveillance, alerting and archiving. IntelliSpace Perinatal then connects with your EMR for documentation.


Philips Obstetrical Care Solution  


With Philips OB solution, you have the detailed information you need to document care from the very first antepartum visit through labor, delivery, postpartum, and follow-up care. For a lifetime of pregnancies. Discover how Philips continues to deliver what’s next in obstetrical care.

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Go with the flow


IntelliSpace Perinatal gathers data from Avalon fetal and maternal monitors with their connected cableless monitoring solutions and provides that data to your EMR. This single, centralized record can provide detailed data about each patient’s antenatal and labor and delivery experience, information for reimbursement, and data required by regulatory agents in certain markets.

Automatic synchronization


Our obstetrical solution reduces double documentation through automatic, bidirectional synchronization between your IntelliSpace Perinatal system and your EMR. Changes in patient status, like admission/discharge/transfer (ADT) information, inpatient bed assignments, patient data in the flowsheets like trace annotations, and the patient and user context, are all synchronized. Clinicians no longer have to double-check this data in both systems for consistency, giving them more time for patient care.


Learn how the Medical Center Leeuwarden uses IntelliSpace Perinatal* with its Epic™ EMR system to provide current and unified patient records, enhance patient care and staff confidence, and foster communication across the hospital. View the video and download the detailed success story.

IntelliSpace Perinatal gives clinicians the flexibility to choose the algorithm to best fit their requirements. Whether it is based on NICHD guidelines or the publicly available Dawes/Redman 2002 guidelines1 for trace interpretation, Philips offers clinicians a proven assessment of non-stress tests and short-term variability.


1. Pardey J, Moulden M, Redman C. A computer system for the numerical analysis of nonstress tests. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vol 186 number 5. 2002.

Mobility solutions for patients — and caregivers

With the Avalon fetal monitoring solution there’s no need for patients to be tethered to the bedside. Our system allows women to experience the benefits of mobility in labor, transmitting data back to Avalon fetal monitors and the IntelliSpace Perinatal information system from the far-reaches of your WLAN system.


Using the Avalon Wide-Range Pod on the hospital’s wireless network, IntelliSpace Perinatal can tell you where the patient is located by reporting the last known wireless access point the device was connected to. Users can name access points such as “break room” or “family room” within the system and these locations will appear on both the single trace as well as in the overview screen.


Our Avalon beltless solution uses electrodes instead of ultrasound to measure fetal heart, maternal heart rate, and uterine contractions so women with a high BMI can be monitored and also move around during labor.

Avalon CL+

Remote viewing and control

With Philips OB solution, you can stay in touch with your patients – and in control of their care virtually anywhere and at any time. Our solution provides a direct window into the Avalon FM display, so you have a clear view of maternal and fetal heart rate, ECG, and other vital signs. Plus, you can control settings, check battery levels, and more – all right from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. On-the-go care teams have easy access to the information they need to work together while IntelliSpace Perinatal works in the background to document the delivery of quality patient care.

Backup buffer safeguards data


Avalon monitors feature backup buffers that store a minimum of seven hours of data. If there is an interruption in information flow, cached data is transmitted via a secure LAN to your IntelliSpace Perinatal, and then on to your EMR, when the connection is restored.

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