Oncogenic pathway identification    

Groundbreaking molecular phenotyping

Revealing tumor-driving mechanisms

OncoSignal assesses the activity of cell signal transduction pathways which drive tumor growth.

mRNA levels regulated by the pathway transcription factor are measured and translated into a quantitative pathway activity score.


OncoSignal pathway analysis can be used to reveal aberrant activity of signaling pathways in tumor cells enabling applications for drug response monitoring*, stratification for clinical trials and for cancer research.

*For Research Use Only – not for use in diagnostic procedures.

OncoSignal pathway analysis

Signaling pathway activity

Signaling pathway activity
*For Research Use Only – not for use in diagnostic procedures.

How does it work?

Please view the OncoSignal video to discover the unique features of our solution.
Philips OncoSignal: Molecular Pathway Dx

Products & Services

OncoSignal service testing        

  • Full service: tissue/RNA-in, result-out
  • ISO13485 compliant
  • ER, AR, PI3K, MAPK, Hedgehog, TGFβ, Notch pathways
  • RNA quality check on each sample
  • Compatible for FFPE, FF and extracted RNA samples

OncoSignal analysis kit

  • qPCR-based method allowing in-house testing using standard lab equipment
  • Access to Philips software portal for data analysis and generation of the pathway activity report
  • ER, AR, PI3K, MAPK pathways
  • Compatible for FFPE samples

OncoSignal data analysis

  • Analysis of microarray and RNA-Seq data (generated according to specific requirements)
  • ER, AR, PI3K, MAPK, Hedgehog, TGFβ, Notch, Wnt pathways
  • Data quality checks included
OncoSignal is available for Research Use Only – not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Pathway Activity Report


The quantitative pathway activity scores on a 0 to 100 scale (CI = 95%) are presented in the OncoSignal pathway activity report for the pathways requested.

Pathway activity report


OncoSignal pathway activity analysis can be used for:

  • Molecular phenotypic characterization
  • Model selection for optimal study design
  • Determination of drug-pathway interaction
  • Predicting and monitoring drug response*
  • Patient stratification for clinical trials

Tests are conducted using RNA extracted from fresh frozen (FF) or formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples, cell cultures or PDX models. For examples on the use of OncoSignal, please request the OncoSignal application note via oncosignal@philips.com.


*For Research Use Only – not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Recent publications

  • Measurement of decrease in ER pathway activity score during neoadjuvant letrozole to assess therapy response and predict disease free survival in ER positive breast cancer patients, Poster, ESMO 2019
  • Heterogeneity in Signaling Pathway Activity within Primary Breast Cancer and between Primary and Metastases, Poster, ASCO 2019
  • ER pathway activity score as a predictive biomarker to improve stratification for neo-adjuvant endocrine therapy, Poster, ESMO Breast Congress 2019
  • Quantitative measurement of multiple signal transduction pathway activities in cell and tissue culture, including cancer, fibroblasts, and immune cell types: a new way forward to standardization of cell culture experiments, Poster, AACR 2019
  • Breast cancer induces a tolerogenic state of healthy activated CD4+ T-cells, characterized by reduced PI3K, NFκB, JAK-STAT, Notch, and increased TGFβ pathway activity, Poster, AACR 2019
For copies of one of the above mentioned publications, please email us at oncosignal@philips.com.


For copies of one of the above and below mentioned publications, please email us at oncosignal@philips.com.
  • Elucidating the role of functional signal trasnduction pathway activity in sensitivity and response of triple negative breast cancer PDxs to PI3K inhibition, Poster, SABCS 2018
  • Does Hormone Expression by IHC predict ER Pathway Activity? An Analysis in A Metastatic Breast Cancer Patient Cohort. Poster, SABCS 2018
  • Assays for measurement of functional signal transduction pathway activity in any cell or tissue sample, Poster, Keystone 2018
  • Signal transduction pathway activity before and after neoadjuvant treatment in esophageal cancer, Poster, ESMO 2018
  • Estrogen receptor pathway activity in endometrial carcinomas and its relation to tumor grade and disease related mortality, Poster, ESMO 2018
  • Analysis of functional androgen receptor-pathway activity to predict response to androgen deprivation therapy in salivary duct carcinoma, Poster, ESMO 2018
  • Assessment of functional signal transduction pathway activity in patient-derived tumor xenografts to predict and evaluate therapy response, Poster, ENA 2018
  • Hedgehog signalling pathway activity in high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma, Poster, EACR 2018
  • Robust measurement of signal transduction pathway activity in cancer using RNA sequencing on cells and FFPE tissue, Poster, AMPEu 2018
  • Measuring functional signal transduction pathway activity on breast cancer tissue samples to determine intra-tumor heterogeneity and heterogeneity between primary and metastatic tumors, Poster, AACR 2018
  • Determination of signal transduction pathway activity in patient-derived xenograft models in comparison with clinical patient tumor samples for a variety of human cancer types, Poster, AACR 2018
  • Measuring functional PI3K pathway activity in cancer tissue using FOXO target gene expression in a knowledge-based computational model, Poster, SABCS 2017
  • Assessing functional androgen receptor (AR) pathway activity using a computational model, Poster, ESMO 2017
  • Oncogenic signal transduction pathway activity in glioblastoma and relation to therapy response, Poster, EACR Cancer Genomics 2017
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  • Predicting first line tamoxifen response of recurrent ER+ breast cancer patients based on transcriptional activity of signaling pathways, Poster, AACR 2016
  • Prognosis within different breast cancer subtypes using functional activity of signaling pathways, Poster, AACR 2015
  • Assessing functional ER pathway activity using a computational pathway model, Poster, EACR 2014
  • Identifying tumor driving signaling pathways using computational pathway models, Poster, AACR 2013
  • Personalized Cancer Treatment Selection using Computational Signaling Pathway Models, Poster, SABCS 2011

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