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    LED Penlight Professional

    Professional portable inspection tool

    Philips LED Penlight Professional is a durable and reliable inspection tool featuring 6 long-lasting and powerful LEDs producing 120 lumens of bright, natural white light for precise inspection of any area.
    A man is looking at the engine of a car with Philips LED penlight


    The integrated LED pointer allows for precise laser-like illumination whenever necessary.

    Intense white light for optimal vision
    130-lumen light output produced by high-quality LEDs
    Natural white light of 6 000 K

    Reaches even the narrowest of spaces
    Pointer on top
    Small and compact
    Ready for any inspection work
    Water and dustproof: IP54
    Shock-resistant housing
    11-hour battery autonomy

    The LED Penlight Professional inspection lamp is compact and fits easily in a shirt pocket.

    LED Penlight

    LED Penlight Premium

    Compact, USB-rechargeable LED worker's companion

    The portable worker’s companion that combines highpower LED technology with a robust, user-friendly design in a compact size. Philips Penlight Premium is the choice for those who want maximum light in a small size.
     LED penlight premium


    See what remains hidden for others
    Defeat darkness with soft natural light
    High-power LUXEON® LED light up to 145 lumens
    Powerful focus light: 120 lumens
    Wide beam angle: up to 90°

    High Resistance
    Strong impact resistance -IK07
    Water and dust-protected -IP54
    Resistant to chemical and workshop solvents

    Hands-free lighting
    Ready for use within 2 hours

    80° swivel hook with magnet

    Never lose your light again
    Improved colour scheme for easy relocation

    Download user guide

    Philips LED Penlight premium

    Rechargeable Compact Lamp

    Compact rechargeable LED work light

    Philips ultra-slim rechargeable LED inspection lamp is a perfect tool for a quick inspection. 180° flexible high-power LED light eliminates all shadows. Its 360° rotating hook and strong magnet provides a hands-free working environment.
    Philips RCH5 Front Left Button
    Philips RCH5 Side Rotating
    Philips RCH5 Side


    Superior bright light
    Defeat darkness with soft natural light
    Eco & Boost light modes: 110lm/55lm
    High-power 3 x SMD LED
    Wide beam angle: up to 120°

    Versatile design
    13 mm ultra-slim LED lamp
    Pocket-size- height 120mm
    360° Adjustable & retractable hook
    Strong magnet on the flexible bottom part
    Handy belt-clip for maximum flexibility

    Reliable battery technology
    Durable Li-ION battery
    Up to 5 hours of autonomy during the day
    Full recharge in only 2,5 hours  

    HDL10 Headlamp

    Professional LED headlamp

    Philips high-power LED headlamp is a perfect tool for hands-free repairs. With 90°orientable head you can easily direct your light. Eco & Boost light modes and wide beam provide you with superior illumination of the work space.
    Philips HDL10 Front Up
    Philips HDL10 Front Left
    Philips HDL10 Pivoting Lamp


    Wide beam angle
    Wide beam angle: up to 50°
    Defeat darkness with soft natural light

    Dual light mode: Eco/Boost
    100lm Boost LED light for high-precision tasks
    50lm Eco LED light for a quick inspection

    Pivoting lamp head
    90° Pivoting lamp head
    Multi-directional LED light

    Quality finishing10 000h of LED lifespan
    Adjustable wide headband for a perfect fit
    IPX4 water-resistant LED headlamp
    Powered with 3 x AAA Philips batteries

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