Cordless professional
lighting tools

Rechargeable LED Work lamps

Philips LED Work lamp range is specifically designed for maintenance and long-term inspection work.
A worker using Philips rechargeable LED work lamps


Cordless slim professional lighting tool

The compact rechargable Philips LED inspection lamp is ideal for quick inspection and longer repair operations. RCH10 eliminates all shadows with its 120° light beam, while 360° rotating hook and a strong magnet provides a hands-free work.
Philips RCH10 LED lighting


Superior bright light

High-power LED light - 150lm

Wide beam angle -120°

High resistance

Water, dust and workshop solvents resistant - IP54

Robust aluminum housing - IK07

Resistant to chemicals

Hands-free lighting

Now with strong magnet

Cordless, with 360° rotating hook

Rechargeable convenience

New easy-opening cap

Up to 5 hours of autonomy during the day

Full recharge in 4 hours

Philips RCH10 LED lighting


Cordless compact professional lighting tool

Powerful and cordless, Philips RCH20 LED lighting tool features 200 lumens in a single LED strip for precise and homogeneous lighting.
rch 20


White, homogeneous light

200-lumen light output produced by single strip, COB (Chip on Board) technology

6 000 K color temperature for limited eye-strain

Wide, homogeneous 70° light beam

Hands-free use

Powerful integrated magnet

Retractable hook


Up to 3-hour operating time

Fast docking-station charging

High resistance

Resistant to chemical & workshop solvents
Strong impact resistance -IK07
Water & dust protected -IP65  

Philips RCH20 LED lighting


Cordless professional lighting with UV detection

Boasting powerful LEDs for precise visual inspection and a UV-A leak detector, the Philips RCH30 inspection lamp is a versatile illumination tool with up to 4-hour battery autonomy.
Philips RCH30 LED lighting


More light for optimal vision

220-lumen light output produced by 8, new generation, high-power LUXEON® LEDs

Wide, homogeneous 70° light beam

Robust and highly resistant

Improved battery capacity: up to 4-hour battery autonomy

Docking station for inductive charging

High protection rating: IP66 and IK09

Versatile and easy-to-use

Integrated magnet

UV-A light function for air-conditioning leak detection

Retractable 360° hook

Smart housing shape for practical positioning on any side

Philips RCH30 inspection lamp

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