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The education sector is rapidly changing. Total engagement now means high speed access to information, versatile connectivity, the ability to integrate the latest apps and software, and of course, rich content. The Philips Professional Display range has been specifically developed with this in mind. 


Make an impact in your institution by equipping your staff with the best. Bring each lesson to life in the classrooms with interactive displays. Boost your faculty rooms with the latest tech to keep your staff motived and proud. Take your education facility further with Philips Professional Displays. 

Recommended models

The Philips

Combining creativity, control and efficiency, Philips displays are designed to take the Educational market to a higher standard. 


Engage students with an interactive whiteboard. Enabled with automatic touch recognition, plug and play operation, and multiple-touch points, our touch displays will help you boost engagement and efficiency. 


Boost your energy efficiency for a greener output and a lower operational cost. SmartPower is the energy saving feature that controls the display’s backlight using a pre-set system. The result? Up to 50% less power consumption.

CMND & Control

Manage all your connected displays through a single, centralized location. With CMND & Control, you can update your software, settings, scheduling and content configurations across all your displays quickly and efficiently.

CMND & Create

Customize your content with CMND & Create. This powerful authoring tool comes included with your Philips Professional Display to help you design and create your own rich, compelling content. Allowing you to send whatever message you want to the students and faculty in a simple and eye catching way.


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