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Create the ultimate shopping experience with Philips. When you upgrade your retail space with the latest suite of Philips Professional Displays, you’ll be joining the retail revolution. Keep your customers engaged with exciting content, interactive interfaces and dynamic advertisements.


Only Philips can bring you space to life with the incredible lighting of Ambilight or with the infinite possibilities of Android. Captivate your customers with your choice of apps, videos, and interactive content. From small screen POS units to awe-inspiring multimedia walls, Philips Professional Displays has what it takes to keep your retail operation relevant.

Recommended models

The Philips

Philips displays are tailored to thrive in the retail market – bringing the digital world into your space with the latest apps, connectivity and interactive features.


Create a retail space that is smarter, faster and more intuitive than any other. With the Android OS powering Philips displays, bring the digital world into your establishment. It’s the best of both worlds – physical product combined with infinite digital apps and content.


Any location, any brightness – Philips UltraBright will ensure your screen is beautifully displayed in bright, vibrant colors and contrast. With its superb image visibility and clearer picture quality, not even sunlight stands a chance against your content and the customer.

Ultra-Narrow Bezels

Make a bigger impact with the floating design of Philips Professional Displays. With ultra-narrow bezels and advanced alignment solutions, content appears larger and more striking. Create a seamless video wall configuration of virtually any size with its virtually-borderless design.


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