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    In-office whitening

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    All-inclusive whitening kit



    Dash was developed with the clinician in mind, providing everything you need in one all-inclusive kit. Plus, the 30% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel requires no syringe-to-syringe mixing or refrigeration, and delivers superior ease of use stability.


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    Visit the Philips Resource library to download procedure instructions and material data safety sheets.

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    Quick, easy and comfortable

    Quick, easy and comfortable

    Easy-to-follow directions and step-by-step pictures on the inside of the lid make isolation and application clear, quick and easy. To help with sensitivity, each kit includes a syringe of Relief ACP, the only FDA-cleared sensitivity management product that combines potassium nitrate and ACP for immediate relief and remineralization.
    What's included

    What's included

    Dash single procedure kits contain


    • One 2.9 g procedure gel syringe with two flocked tips (three dual arch applications)
    • One 2.9 g Liquidam barrier syringe with two tips (three dual arch applications)
    • One 2.4 ml Relief ACP Oral Care Gel syringe with tip (two dual arch applications)
    • Two whitening accelerator swabs
    • One cheek retractor and bite block
    • One suction tip 
    • One face bib
    • Two cottons rolls
    • One pack of gauze 
    • One dentist's directions for use.
    Dash vs. the competition

    Dash vs. the competition

    Other whitening systems require syringe-to-syringe mixing. With Dash, there's no mixing. Dash 30% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is a patented formula that does not need to be mixed for activation prior to use, saving you time and energy. Additionally, the gel is specially formulated to be stable without requiring storage in a refrigerator, saving you space and allowing your entire kit to be stored in one place.
    Proper isolation technique

    Proper isolation technique


    Our quick and easy isolation technique can be completed by experienced clinicians in under nine minutes.* Download the Quick Reference Guide from the Philips Resource Library or refer to the Dash directions for use for the complete isolation technique.

    * Data on file.