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About oral malodor


If your patients are suffering from bad breath, they're not alone. Over 60 million Americans struggle with this embarrassing problem. Causes of bad breath include waste materials created by gram-negative bacteria in the mouth, between the teeth and in the papille of the tongue. When these bacteria feed, they release gaseous waste products that cause foul-smelling odors known as volatile sulfur compounds.

The total breath management system

With a small addition to their daily routine, your patients can neutralize VSC gases and eliminate 99% of the germs that cause oral malodor. Philips Sonicare BreathRx Tongue Cleaner is designed to provide lasting fresh breath while also addressing plaque and gingivitis, for a total hygiene solution.
Attack and neutralize oral malodor with our proprietary alcohol-free blend of antibacterial cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) and Zytex. CPC kills bacteria and helps fight plaque and gingivitis. Zytex, our unique combination of zinc and essential oils, neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds. Our system kills 99% of the germs that cause oral malodor to provide long-lasting freshness.

An alcohol-free solution, not a temporary fix


Many oral care products merely mask oral malodor instead of addressing the cause. Some contain alcohol, which dries out the mouth and exacerbates the problem. BreathRx is different. BreathRx is the only alcohol-free breath care system specifically designed to kill bacteria at the source, and neutralize the gases responsible for oral malodor.

BreathRx + AirFloss Pro

Using BreathRx Antibacterial Mouth Rinse in tandem with Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro helps provide a more localized application of CPC and Zytex, reaching more areas between teeth. That also means a more refreshing experience, leading to better patient compliance.
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Philips Sonicare BreathRx Tongue Cleaner kits

Starter Kit


Includes Whitening Toothpaste, two Gentle Tongue Cleaners, Antibacterial Tongue Spray and Antibacterial Mouth Rinse.


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Tongue Care Kit


Includes Antibacterial Tongue Spray and one Gentle Tongue Cleaner.


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Philips Sonicare BreathRx Tongue Cleaner portfolio

Antibacterial Mouth Rinse

Alcohol-free rinse kills and eliminates bacteria and neutralizes odors.


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Gentle Tongue Cleaner

For safe, comfortable removal of odor-causing bacteria on the tongue's surface.


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Antibacterial Tongue Spray

Kills bacteria and loosens tongue film and food particles to enhance the cleaning action.


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Whitening Toothpaste  

Combines benefits of fluoride, tartar control and enhanced stain removal, with the oral malodor protection of Zytex.


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