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Dolby Vision: Dramatic Imaging


Dobly vision is as powerful cinema technology that now transforms your TV experience. It brings entertainment to life with dramatic imaging - incredible brightness, color, constrast, detail and dimensionality. And with the advanced capabilities in Dolby Vision, you'll see there's more to the story than generic HDR can reveal.

Micro dimming

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True 4K Ultra High Definition captures the richest, realest image, drawing you closer to the story than ever before. You can even enjoy your favorite Netflix™ content in HD and 4K with uninterrupted streaming speeds. We innovate to bring you closer to reality.

Micro Dimming logo
Micro Dimming logo

Expanding the possibilities of visual perception


High Dynamic Range technology with support for 4K Blu-ray lets you experience more detail and captivating colors for an even more engaging television experience. More perceivable shades of blacks, whites and all other colors. This boils down to greater perceived brightness and contrast with darker shadows creating a breathtaking image.

Micro dimming

Micro Dimming for exceptional local contrast


Philips Micro Dimming televisions have an LED array backlight with multiple zones which can be controlled independently to set varying luminosity levels based on the input images’ luminosity levels in those respective zones. Brighter whites and colors and darker blacks and shadows, especially in dark scenes, you feel like you are a part of the action versus looking at a washed out TV screen.

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