HeartStart AED Trainer 3

AED use trainer

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The AED Trainer 3 provides realistic training for delivering treatment, including shock delivery and CPR.

Train for a faster response with simulated FR3 speed

Simulated FR3 speed with auto-on feature

The AED Trainer 3 can be prepared for fast deployment with its training pads pre-connected and out of their packaging ready to peel and place on a manikin. An Infant/Child Key is also provided. There is no need to change pads, just insert the Infant/Child Key to simulate the workflow of a child in cardiac arrest.
Clear, calm directions

Voice prompts for clear, calm directions

Guidance is delivered through each step of the training scenario, with the same voice prompts as the FR3 AED. Like the FR3 AED, the AED Trainer 3 can be customized and updated. Configure the CPR metronome or choose default language as desired.
Realistic sudden cardiac arrest scenario

Realistic scenarios help you prepare for the real thing

Eight preconfigured training scenarios simulate realistic episodes of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and help emergency responders become familiar with using the HeartStart FR3 AED.
Complete instructor control

Pre-connected pads help you train for a faster response

Training scenarios and speaker volume can be controlled via the up/down keys or remote control. Pause/resume feature allows the instructor to manage the learning experience and test students’ response to a variety of situations. *Available only on the HeartStart FR3 rigid system case.
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