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one advanced visualization solution

    Philips IntelliSpace Portal is an advanced visualization and analysis solution that is designed to help physicians to diagnose, follow-up, and communicate, across clinical domains and modalities, with one seamless, connected workflow.

    Seamless integration across your hospital network    


    Designed around the principle of continuous evolution, IntelliSpace Portal helps you manage shifting challenges and technology-driven healthcare for the years to come.

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    • Have a broad set of applications across multiple clinical domains.
    • Obtain a multi-faceted view of your patient’s condition across multiple modalities.
    • Work consistently in a unified user interface with workflow acceleration features such as preprocessing rules.
    • Access applications securely from virtually anywhere within the organization and integrate multi-vendor datasets.(1)
    • Work with a single service agreement that covers the lifecycle needs of your advanced visualization platform.
    (1)Please contact your local Philips representative for details on multi-vendor coverage.

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    A rich portfolio of clinical depth – all on a single platform


    With IntelliSpace Portal, you benefit from leading applications across a broad spectrum of clinical domains. All are optional additions to the standard features and functionality of the platform. And since the platform works on a client-server architecture, these applications are available to anyone across your enterprise.

    CT Cardiac Viewer

    ct cardiac viewer
    Rib cage removal for cardiac CT scans enables a 3D anatomical volume rendering image of the heart and the large blood vessels connected to it.
    MR Cardiac
    mr cardiac
    Enables visualization of a single, multiple or all available cardiac series, including synchronization of cardiac phases.
    Multi Modality Advanced Vessel Analysis
    multi modality advanceed vessel analysis

    Designed to examine and quantify different types of vascular lesions from CTA and MRA scans. The application accommodates different modes of inspection, allows you to label different vascular lesions, and help you easily navigate through multiple findings.

    Invivo DynaCAD Prostate

    invivo dynacad prostate

    Features a model based gland segmentation which will automatically perform a 3D segmentation delineating both the inner central and outer peripheral parts of the prostate gland.

    CT Virtual Colonoscopy

    virtual colonoscopy
    Enables 3D visualization of colon scans. The application automatically segments the air-filled colon and displays a calculated center line.

    CT Liver Analysis

    ct liver analysis

    Automatically identifies the liver from a portal venous phase of a tri-phase liver scan. The application provides segmentation tools to facilitate for assessing the liver, hepatic vasculature of individual vascular segments, and physician-identified lesions.

    CT Brain Perfusion

    ct brain perfusion

    Calculate and displays reduced flow summary maps which offer valuable clinical information in acute stroke patients to assist in treatment planning.

    MR Longitudinal Brain Imaging (LoBI)

    MR longitidual brain imaging

    Supports evaluation of neurological disorders tracked with serial brain scans, helping monitor disease state and progression.

    MR FiberTrak

    MR Fibertrak

    Provides visualization of white matter tracts using task guidance for generating common or user-defined tracts.

    CT Pulmonary Artery Analysis

    CT Pulmonary Artery Analysis CB color map

    A full suite of semiautomatic and manual tools to visualize the lungs (individually or together), review results, as well as mark and report any Pulmonary Embolism findings.

    CT Lung Nodule Assessment (LNA)

    CT Lung Nodule Assessment

    Advanced imaging package for segmentation and quantification of pulmonary nodules. Support the detection, diagnosis, and follow-up of lung nodules – even on low-dose chest CT scans.



    Supports tracking of the destructive process of diffuse lung disease (emphysema, asbestosis, black lung) and helps to localize specific areas of affected lung.

    Leverage the power of a single integrated solution


    When you choose Philips, you’re investing in a long-term relationship. We’re committed to helping you realize the full clinical and operational potential throughout your organization. Our solutions are informed by a strong track record, deep clinical insights, and global delivery capabilities.

    Continuous evolution and services

    Designed to offer flexibility our Service Agreements solutions allow you to choose levels of service to fit your exact in-house capabilities and meet your individual clinical, operational and financial goals.

    AV Rightfit

    Flexible maintenance service agreement
    • Flexible, customizable service plans.
    • Latest technology to keep systems current.
    • High system uptime, performance and productivity.
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    An all-in one subscription service solution
    • Lower your operating cost with a recurring, predictable all-inclusive subscription model.
    • Access the latest clinical innovations from Philips, in existing and new application.
    • Protecting your investment through software updates and upgrades combined with inclusive clinical & IT training.

    AV SmartPath

    Modality and workstation upgrade program
    • Trade in your current Philips workstation(s) and transfer your application licenses to IntelliSpace Portal.
    • Experience improved application capability.
    • Get the latest applications with new clinical enhancements.