Ingenia MR-RT

MR simulation platform

The Ingenia MR-RT meets specific RT needs by providing high-quality MR images acquired in the RT treatment position. Smoothly integrate MRI through a comprehensive solution that considers your whole workflow – even for MR-only simulation.

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Future of MR in radiotherapy


Prof. Dr. Marco van Vulpen and Ir. Dr. Nico van den Berg, UMC Utrecht cancer center, the Netherlands – are talking about the collaboration with Philips, which contributes to opening new treatment pathways for MR-guided therapies.

Work your way


Refine workflows with a system that fits how you work. The optional LAP DORADOnova MR3T laser positioning system supports enhanced MR-CT registration since it allows you to align patients at the MRI scanner. One-click travel-to-scan moves patients directly to the MRI system isocenter after laser alignment, thereby reducing workflow steps.

Learn and share MRI expertise


Successful integration of MR imaging in your workflow starts with people. We offer tailored training to assist your team in streamlining workflows and making full, efficient use of MR imaging from day one.

MR-only simulation highlight

Today, MR has even more to offer radiation therapy treatment planning. Innovative MR-only simulation by Philips helps you rely on MR as a primary imaging modality for planning the treatment of prostate cancer patients.


Available as a plug-in extension to the Ingenia MR-RT, MR-only sim provides the excellent soft-tissue contrast you trust for target delineation – plus density information for dose calculations. And it’s designed for your workflow. Fast scanning protocols and embedded post-processing steps generate MRCAT (MR for Calculating ATtenuation) images on the MR console in just a few minutes with the density information you’d expect from CT.


Download MR-only sim datasheet

Dr. Uulke van der Heide describes MR’s changing role in radiotherapy and a recent collaboration with Philips to bring MR-only simulation for RT planning from the lab to the clinic. The Philips Ingenia MR-RT platform now supports MR-only simulation for planning the treatment of prostate cancer patients.


Dr. Van der Heide is a medical physicist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam.



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