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PageWriter TC70


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Philips PageWriter TC70 cardiograph is designed to simplify diagnostic ECG testing and streamline workflow – where an automated workflow and outstanding clinical support is critical.

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ECG Functions
Simultaneous Lead Acquisition
Up to 18 leads
Full Disclosure
Twenty minute history of all 16 leads and complete ECG report of any 10 seconds
Timed ECG
Support for pharma stress protocols
Report Storage/Transfer
Full fidelity at 500 Hz of all 10 sec for up to 16 leads in XML format (schema published)
Philips DXL 18-Lead ECG Algorithm
Interpretive statements
>600 interpretive statements with integrated pediatric analysis
Lead placement software detects 20 different lead reversals
Borderline Statement Suppression
Three configurable settings
Selectable explanations of all interpretive statements
Conforms to 2007 AHA/ACC recommendations
STEMI Diagnostic Aids
Graphical ST Vector
Two polar ST Maps in frontal and transverse planes
Critical Values
Highlights 4 conditions requiring immediate clinical attention
Networked Features (requires IntelliSpace ECG)
Central Time Management
Time can be synchronized to a networked time master
Configurable rules to retrieve cardiograph-specific worklists
Signal Quality Indicators
Leads Off Advisory
Anatomical lead map displays the location and label of any loose or disconnected leads/electrodes
Lead Color
Four colors to indicate levels of waveform quality
Lead placement software detects 20 different lead reversals
Heart Rate
Continuous display of patient heart rate
Print Preview
Full screen preview of complete 16 lead report prior to printing
Application Help
Integrated graphical HELP screens for primary functions
Self Paced
Computerized, interactive, dynamic animation covering all major clinical functionalities
User Interface
1-2-3 operation/context sensitive application/5-wire resistive touchscreen
65 button standard full alphanumeric keyboard that supports special characters
15 inch TFT
Signal Processing
Patient Interface Module
Remote microprocessor-controlled digital module provides 5μV resolution
Pre-Processing Filters
AC Noise
50 to 60 Hz
Signal Processing
Artifact Rejection and Baseline Wander
Presentation Filters - 10 sec Reports
High Pass
0.05/0.15/0.5 Hz
Low Pass
40/100/150 Hz
Presentation Filters - Rhythm
High Pass
0/05/0.15 Hz
Presentaton Filters - Rhythm
Low Pass
40/100/150 Hz
Battery capacity
Typically 50 ECGs on a single charge
Battery recharge
5 hours to full capacity
AC power
100-240 VAC at 50/60 Hz VAC/Hz
Power consumption
75 W max W
40 x 33 x 16 cm (15.7 x 13 x 63 in) cm (in)
13 kg/28 lb kg/lb
Operating Conditions (a)
10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F) °C (°F)
Operating Conditions (b)
15% to 80% relative humidity %
Operating Conditions (c)
Up to 4,550 m (15000 ft) m (ft)
Safety and Performance
International Standards
IEC 60601-1: 1988 +A1:1991 +A2:1995 General Requirement for Safety
IEC 60601-1: 1988 +A1:1991 +A2:1995 General Requirement for Safety
C 60601-2-51: 2003: Particular Requirements for Safety
Ul 2601-1: 20031997 US General Requirements for Safety
CAN/CSA-C22,2 No, 60l1-M90 51:1994 B:1996
AAMI EC111991 (R: 2001): Diagnostic Electrocardiography Devices