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Clock Radio

    Clock Radio

    Sleek design for any lifestyle

    Free your portable music at home and enjoy it in superb sound on the AJ130 CD Clock Radio with aux-in connection. Its sleek, space-enhancing design features a large backlit LCD. Choose to awake to a favorite CD, digital music or alarm. See all benefits

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Sleek design for any lifestyle

wake up to favorite music or radio tunes

  • Large backlit LCD display for easy viewing in low light

    Large backlit LCD display for easy viewing in low light

    Backlit LCD display ensures easy viewing and operation in low light conditions, and provides clear information at a glance.

  • Aux-in connection for your portable MP3 music player

    Aux-in connection for your portable MP3 music player
  • Repeat alarm

    Repeat alarm
  • Compatible with CD-Recordable and CD-ReWritable

    CD-Rewritable Compatible means that your audio set can play both CD-Recordable (CD-R) and CD-Rewritable (CD-RW) discs. CD-R discs are recordable once and can be played on any audio CD player while CD-RW discs can be recorded and rewritten multiple times and can only be played back on compatible audio CD players. The laser pick-up and CD decoder circuitry of CD-RW compatible players are specially designed to read the special audio CD-RW phase-change recording layer, ensuring you can always play your home-recorded discs on your audio CD system.

  • Dual alarm time

    The Philips audio system comes with two alarm times. Set one alarm time to wake you up and the other to wake up your partner.

  • Alarm Time Display shows you the wake-up call time

    Alarm Time Display always shows both the current time and the time that your alarm is set to go off. The constant display eliminates the need to press a button in order to check whether the alarm has been set and at what time it will go off. Alarm Time Display constantly reassures you that your alarm is set correctly and that it will wake you up at the intended time.

  • Sleep timer for easy fall asleep to your favorite music

    Sleep timer lets you decide how long you want to listen to music or a radio station of your choice before falling asleep. Simply set a time limit (up to 1 hour) and choose a CD or radio station to listen to while you drift off to sleep. The set will continue to play for the selected duration and then automatically switch off to a power-efficient, silent stand-by mode. Sleep Timer lets you fall asleep to your favorite CD or radio DJ without counting sheep or worrying about wasting power.

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