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    Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige

    Sonicare 9900 Prestige 

    Exceptional care personalized to you with SenseIQ

    Our most advanced electric toothbrush always gets you, sensing your brushing style and adapting to you as you clean with the Premium All-in-One brush head.
    Sonicare video
    Our most advanced electric toothbrush always gets you, sensing your brushing style and adapting to you as you clean with the Premium All-in-One brush head.
    Sonicare video

    Product features

    Personalized brushing that always gets you

    SenseIQ technology


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    Senses your brushing style

    Senses pressure, motion, coverage and more up to 100 times per second.
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    Adapts to you in real time

    Adapts to you automatically and in real time, by adjusting intensity when it senses you push too hard.
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    Cares for your oral health

    Cares for your oral health by cleaning and whitening teeth, protecting your gums, and helping you achieve better brushing over time.
    One brush head for complete care

    One brush head
    for complete care

    Switching between brush heads is old news. The Premium All-in-One brush head is our all-time best and the only thing you need to achieve cleaner, whiter teeth and healthier gums. This does everything.
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    Removes up to 20x more plaque

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    Up to 100% stain reduction in less than two days

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    Up to 15x healthier gums in just two weeks

    1. Versus a manual toothbrush 
    2. In lab test versus a manual toothbrush
    3. Versus manual toothbrush in 6 weeks
    Sonicare app
    Philips Sonicare App

    Personalized guidance from the Philips Sonicare app

    The AI-powered Philips Sonicare app works in perfect harmony with the Sonicare 9900 Prestige toothbrush. Your brushing data always stays synced, even when you brush without having the app open, so personalized guidance from intelligent features is always on hand.
    Real-time guidance
    Progress reporting
    Personalized brushing recommendations
    Auto-syncing, even with offline brushing
    Sonicare video

    Sonic brushing:
    A masterclass in effective cleaning

    Brush away plaque with sonic technology – our benchmark in effective and gentle cleaning. While you brush, up to 62,000 bristle movements and dynamic fluid action help clean even hard-to-reach areas, leaving your mouth feeling exceptionally fresh and clean.

    Charge anytime, anywhere using the prestige travel case

    Travel case

    Travel case

    The elegant and compact travel case can be slipped into any bag for carefree convenience while away from home. The durable case is wrapped in soft-touch, vegan-friendly leather.

    USB-C Charging

    Recharge your brush without even removing it from the case, using a USB-C cable.
    Sonicare premium
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    Easy charging

    When it is time to charge the toothbrush, simply place it on the charging base with or without the frosted stand. Two looks, both perfect for admiring your toothbrush's crisp, modern design.
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    Sleek and compact

    The Sonicare 9900 Prestige experience is about big technology delivered with style and compactness. The toothbrush is 18 mm shorter than its predecessor and features premium materials to make this luxurious device easy on the eye, and pleasant to the touch.
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    Simple to use, easy to keep clean

    A simple push of the integrated power control lets you start brushing in an instant. And with no visible gaps or joins between the button and handle, Sonicare 9900 Prestige stays clean.


    Improved specs
    instant results

    More plaque removal

    Cleans every part
    of your mouth

    Healthier gums

    Up to 15x healthier
    in just two weeks

    14 days
    Battery life

    Perfect at home
    or on-the-go

    Seamless button

    Lets you start
    brushing in an instant

    Product features


    SenseIQ technology
    SenseIQ technology
    Pressure sensor
    • Alerts when brushing too hard
    Position sensor
    • Tracks brushing coverage
    • for each brushing session
    Scrubbing sensor
    • Guides to reduce scrubbing
    Adaptive intensity
    • Adjusts intensity level
    • when too much pressure applied
    3D mouth map
    • Highlights missing areas
    Artificial Intelligence
    • Detects and syncs brushing
    Items included
    Items included
    • 1 Sonicare 9900 Prestige
    Brush heads
    • 1 A3 Premium All-in-One
    Prestige USB charging case
    • 1
    Charger base
    • 1
    USB cable
    • 1
    Bluetooth® wireless technology
    • Connected brushing app
    Android compatibility
    • Android OS 8.0 or above
    iOS compatibility
    • iPhones on iOS 13.0 or above
    Sonicare App with A.I.
    Sonicare App with A.I.
    Real time guidance
    • Personalized recommendations
    • Day/month/year progress report
    Customizable modes
    • Clean
    • White+
    • Gum health
    • Deep Clean
    • Sensitive
    Design and finishing
    Design and finishing
    • Champagne
    Cleaning performance
    Cleaning performance
    • Up to 62000 brush movement/min
    • Removes up to 20x more plaque*
    Health benefits
    • Up to 15x healthier gums**
    Whitening benefits
    • Up to 100% less stains***
    Pressure feedback
    • Ring lights up in purple
    • Vibrates handle to alert user
    Scrubbing feedback
    • Ring lights up in amber
    • Vibrates handle to alert user
    • Option to turn on/off in app
    • BrushPacer and SmarTimer
    Ease of use
    Ease of use
    • Sleek and compact design
    • Seamless touch control
    Travel case
    • Elegant, compact charging case
    • Vegan-friendly leather
    Handle compatibility
    • Easy click-on brush heads
    BrushSync Replacement Reminder
    • Reminder icon lights up
    • to always ensure best results
    Battery indicator
    • Illuminated icon indicator
    Technical specifications
    Technical specifications
    • Rechargeable
    Battery type
    • Lithium ION
    Operating time (full to empty)
    • 2+ weeks****
    Power supply
    • 110-220V
    • 2-year limited warranty

    What’s in the box?

    1x Sonicare 9900 Prestige

    1x A3 Premium All-in-One Brush Head

    1x Prestige USB charging case

    1x USB-C charger cable

    1x Charger base

    What's in the box?


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    Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige

    Sonicare toothbrush subscription

    Brush heads delivered to your door


    Starting at € 5.99 a month

    Sonicare toothbrush subscription

    Brush heads delivered to your door 

    Brush heads

    Starting at € 5.99 a month


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