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    Wake up naturally

    The Wake-up Light uses a unique combination of light therapy and sound to wake you up in a gentle and natural way so you are ready for the day ahead. You can personalise your waking experience by adding new sounds and music via USB.

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    Product features

    • Soft rising light wakes you gradually

      The light intensity from your wake-up light gradually increases in 30 minutes before your set wake up time. Light falls on your eyes and increases the level of energy in your body, gently preparing your body to wake up. This makes waking up a more pleasant feeling.

    • Up to 250 lux for natural awakening

      The sensitivity to light differs a lot per person. In general, when using a higher light intensity a person needs less time to become fully awake. The light intensity of the Wake-up light can be set up to 250 lux. This makes sure you can wake up to the light intensity that suits your personal preference best.

    • Choice of 4 natural and pleasant wake-up sounds

      At your set wake-up time, you will start hearing a natural sound or the the selected radio station. It starts out quietly and takes a minute and a half to reach the volume level you selected. There are four sounds you can choose from: morning birds in the forest, cows from the alpes, a chuckoo sound and relaxing yoga music. The gradually increasing sound will make the wake up process even more pleasant, ensuring you're never rudely awakened.

    • Add new sounds & music via USB

      It gives you the option to wake up with a new wake-up sound every day. You can download specially developed wake-up songs from and put them on your USB stick. When adding the USB stick to the Wake-up Light you can select your favorite song from the stick and at your set wake-up time it will start to play. It also gives you the option to listen to your own MP3 files on the USB.

    • Drift to sleep with gradually dimming light and sound

      The gradual decreasing light and sound help you to drift to sleep. You can set your preferred time for the duration of the dusk simulation.

    • Smart snooze - tap anywhere to snooze

      You can put the Wake-up Light into snooze mode by simply tapping anywhere on the product. After 9 minutes the sound will gently start playing again.

    • Can be used as bedside lamp for pleasant reading

      The 20 different brightness settings allow you to use the product as a bedside lamp

    • Replaceable halogen lamp

      The Wake-up Light makes use of a replaceable halogen lamp for the natural sunrise simulation.

    • Research shows that users find it easier to get out of bed

      Independent research* shows that 8 out of 10 Wake-up Light users, found it easier to get out of bed. MatrixLab BE, NL, D, AT, CH 2011; n=209

    • Clinically proven to make waking up more pleasant

      It has been clinically proven that light wakes you up more pleasantly and improves the quality of waking up.

    • Norden, M.J. et al. Acta Psychiatr Scand, 1993; Gordijn, M. et al. Universiteit van Groningen, 2007

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