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Streamium Network Music Player

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  • Free your music

    Network Music Player

    NP2900/37 Find similar products

    Philips Streamium network music player with its built-in speakers gives you wireless access to your PC music, internet radio and Rhapsody online music service - all delivered by the immersive LivingSound and superb FullSound technologies. See all benefits


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Free your music

Enjoy music from PC and Internet - wirelessly

  • Thousands of free Internet Radio Stations

    Streamium comes with thousands of free Internet radio stations. Now you can stay abreast of all kind of music worldwide. Connect your Streamium to the Internet and listen to your favorite online programs on your audio system without having to turn on your PC.

  • Rhapsody® online music service

    With the Streamium Network music player, you can instantly access millions of songs anytime through the Rhapsody? online music service. Stream your favorite songs to your Streamium without even having to turn on your PC. Just make sure that your Streamium is connected to the Internet. To try it out, Rhapsody? is giving you a free trial for 30 days!

  • Easy and intuitive user interface with album art display

    GoGear’s easy and intuitive user interface is powered by an advanced navigation technology. It not only helps to ensure quick and smooth navigation but also an enjoyable multimedia experience that doesn’t take long to master. Smart features like Album Art – which displays album artwork embedded in music files – enables you to have a richer experience, just like in the good old days when you would view the cover of a CD or LP while enjoying your music.

  • Alphanumerical search for speedy access

    The Alphanumerical search function on the remote control keypad lets you instantly find your favorite artist, track or album. Just press 'Search' on the remote control, and then type in the first few letters or numbers of the name of your desired track, artist or album. It will bring you to the entry that most closely matches your input. No need to waste time scrolling your entire collection or playlist line by line.

  • Large screen and remote control

    Navigate through your entire music collection with ease. The large, 4" LCD displays big icons and zoomed-in text. Zip through thousands of songs with the handy remote control, or go one at a time smoothly in seconds. Sit back in comfort with the remote control in hand.

  • LivingSound for wider, immersive stereo sound

    Philips' patent-pending LivingSound vastly expands the sweet spot (the ideal listening location in your room) so you can enjoy truly immersive music over a wider area. Combining various sound processes, LivingSound recovers the richness and spatial details of the soundstage that are often lost with a compact stereo system. The effect is a larger than expected sweet spot - one that is extensively and evenly distributed around the room. Now your music enjoyment is not confined to the traditionally narrow area anymore. Enjoy optimum stereo sound in a wider area.

  • FullSound™ to bring CD listening experience to MP3

    Philips' innovative FullSound technology faithfully restores sonic details to compressed MP3 music, dramatically enriching and enhancing it, so you can experience CD music without any distortion. Based on an audio post-processing algorithm, FullSound combines Philips' renowned expertise in music reproduction with the power of the latest generation Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The result is fuller bass with more depth and impact, boosted voice and instrument clarity, and rich detail. Rediscover your compressed MP3 music in true-to-life sound that will touch your soul and move your feet.

  • 4-speaker system for superb sound

    The four speakers (two at the front and one on each side) are precisely angled to deliver the quality sound offered by Philips' patented LivingSound technology. The effect is a larger than expected sweet spot¡V one that the music is extensively and evenly distributed around the room. Now you can enjoy optimum stereo sound in a wider area.

  • 30W RMS

    30W RMS music output power fills a room with your favorite music.

  • Wireless music playback from PC/Mac

    Free your entire music collection from your PC/Mac with the Streamium Network music player! With the UPnP connection that lets you connect to any Universal Plug & Play-enabled device to receive or transmit music; the Streamium enables you to access, select and search your music collection in your comp. Just use the remote control and choose your songs through the Streamium. Enjoy your favorite music wirelessly, effortlessly and with great sound quality. Philips' patented FullSound technology brings the CD listening experience to MP3 while LivingSound produces a wider, immersive stereo sound.

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  • Some features require broadband internet access support
  • Some services are not available in all areas

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