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Streamium Wireless Music Center&Station

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  • Access all your CDs in every room

    Wireless Music Center&Station

    WACS57/37 Find similar products

    Store your entire CD collection on a 80 GB hard disk and listen in every room. Just connect to your current sound system and music can finally follow you wherever you are in the home. Easy navigation with the Remote Control with LCD display See all benefits


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Access all your CDs in every room

Just add to your sound system

  • Wireless streaming between Music Center and Station(s)

    With wireless streaming, you don't need to download and store large music files on our audio device. Instead, you can listen to favorite songs as they are continuously streamed to all the Music Stations - at the same time. Have your music follow you from room to room with Music Follows Me - no need to restart navigation and playback. Music Broadcast simultaneously broadcasts your desired music from the Center to all Stations. And with My Room, My Music, any family member can enjoy selected music from the stored collection in any room that is equipped with a Wireless Music Center or Station.

  • 80GB hard disk to store and playback up to 1500CDs

    The 80GB hard disk provides a very large capacity for you to store your digital audio files, easily holding up to 1500 audio CDs. Space saving, smart audio collection management, easy access and all in one place.

  • 2-way Remote Control for user friendly navigation

    With Philips 2- way remote control, you can now navigate through hundreds of songs easily with the one simple press of the remote control.. Displaying six lines info listed according to playlist, album, artist, genre or track, this intuitive navigation offers speedy yet simple scrolling through hundreds of files. It allows one handed operation and guarantees a unique user experience.

  • Music Follows Me: take your music with you from room to room

    Music follows Me feature allows you to bring your favorite music from room to room in your house without having to restart navigation and playback of that particular track. By simply pressing a button, your favorite song will follow you anywhere you go in your house.

  • Music Broadcast for simultaneous playback to all Stations

    Be your own DJ at your home party and simultaneously broadcast your favorite dance music from the Wireless Music Center to all Wireless Music Stations installed in various parts of your home. Great for parties!

  • Multiple user access streams to up to 5 stations streaming

    Different family members in five different rooms can access & listen to their own choice of music from the Wireless Audio Center at the same time.

  • Wireless streaming from PC via UPnP

    Universal Plug & Play is an industry standard technology that lets you connect to any Universal Plug & Play enabled device to receive or transmit music. Your Wireless Music Center utilizes Universal Plug & Play to ensure an easy and standard way to connect to other Universal Plug & Play enabled devices. You can easily connect your Wireless Music Center to other media devices to receive or to transfer content.

  • Direct Content Access to artist, album or playlists

    No more searching through hundreds of your CDs to find your favorite track by a particular artist. With the initutive User Interface built-in the Philips Wireless Audio Center, you can now have almost instantaneous and direct access to your stored digital music collection on the hard disk (up to 750 CDs) and go straight to the music you want to listen to, listed by Artist, Album, Playlist, Genre or Tracks.

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