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    Get started with your Saeco machine

    Setting up your espresso machine and adjusting the strength and taste of your coffee


    Congratulations; you're the proud owner of a Saeco espresso machine. Find out how to use it for the first time, and discover which settings you can adjust to meet your personal preferences.

    Fill water tank and coffee bean hopper


    After removing the water tank, fill with fresh water up to the 'Max' level indication. Then fill the coffee bean hopper with espresso beans of your choice.

    Turn your espresso machine on

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    After inserting the small plug into the socket located on the back of your espresso machine, insert the main plug into a wall socket. Turn the main switch to 'I' (if located on the machine).

    Place a cup and press the Standby button.


    Place a cup under the hot water spout/steam wand to collect water dispensed during priming.


    Press the 'Standby' button to switch your Saeco espresso machine on.

    Prime the circuit


    The display shows the circuit priming icon. Select 'OK' to start this process. The machine will begin dispensing water. For more information, visit the dedicated support page for your machine to locate the user manual.

    Prepare, install and activate the AquaClean filter


    Espresso machines which are compatible with the AquaClean filter will show the text 'Install or Activate AquaClean Filter?

    Always prepare the AquaClean filter before using it. Shake it for 5 seconds, immerse it upside down in a jug with cold water and wait until no air bubbles come out.

    Place the filter into the water tank and start the installation. After a correct installation, the 'AquaClean 100%' icon will be visible in the display.


    Search by the name or product number of your Philips espresso machine

    More detailed information on getting started with your Philips espresso machine is only a couple of clicks away.

    Adjust settings instruction movies.

    Grinder settings

    Grinder settings


    You can adjust the grind settings by the knob inside the bean container. From a fine grind for a full-bodied espresso to a coarse grind for a lighter coffee flavor.


    Only adjust the grind settings when the machine is grinding coffee beans. To adjust the grinder; place a cup under the coffee spout. Press the 'Espresso‘ button and when the grinder starts grinding change the setting with the adjustment key.

    Memo settings

    'Memo' settings


    For each coffee recipe you can adjust the strength according to your taste and to the size of your cups with the 'Memo' function.

    Press and hold the button you want to adjust until the display shows the 'Memo' icon. Your machine then enters the programming phase and starts to brew the selected coffee. Stop the process by pressing the 'OK' button or the button you are programming. This depends on your espresso machine model.

    Aroma strength settings

    Aroma strength settings


    Press the 'Aroma strength' button to change the coffee strength. Each time you press the 'Aroma strength' button, the aroma strength changes by one level. The display shows the chosen strength, which will only be saved when you change the strength while brewing a coffee.

    Menu settings

    Menu settings


    In the menu you can adjust different settings of the machine, e.g. temperature and standby time.


    Activate the menu and select the setting you want to adjust. For example, select the temperature setting you prefer ('Max/Med/Min) and then save it.

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