Avent Natural glass baby bottle

Avent Natural glass baby bottle

3 Bottles, 4oz/120ml, Newborn flow nipple, 0m+ SCF671/37


How to clean the Philips Avent glass bottle

You can easily clean your Philips Avent glass bottle just like any bottle. Simply follow these easy instructions.

Special Philips Avent glass

Your Philips Avent glass bottle is made of type 1 glass and can withstand thermal shock. You can sterilize/warm up the glass bottle. Make sure to wait for the glass bottle to cool down after sterilizing. As glass retains heat, it can be too hot to touch within the first minutes after the sterilizing cycle has ended.

Using Philips Avent sterilizer

  • Clean your Philips Avent glass bottle before sterilizing it
  • Put 5 natural bottles instead of six into your sterilizer
  • For instructions on the sterilizing cycles of your Avent sterilizer, including cool-down times, please regard the User Manual of your sterilizer

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF671/37 , SCF673/37 , SCF671/17 , SCF673/17 . more less

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