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How do I replace the lamp of my Philips Wake-up Light?

To replace the lamp of your Philips Wake-up Light, first unplug and let it cool down for about 15 minutes, then follow these steps below:

Replacing the lamp on your Philips Wake-up Light

  1. Unlock the top cover of the Wake-up Light by pressing and turning it anticlockwise, until the o symbol on the top cover is aligned with the symbol on the lamp housing. (Fig. 1)

  2. Remove the top cover. (Fig. 2)

  3. Remove the old lamp from the lamp holder. (Fig. 3)

  4. Do not touch the new lamp with your fingers. Use a cloth or paper towel when you place the lamp. (Fig. 5)

  5. Insert the pins of the new lamp into the lamp holder. (Fig. 4)

  6. Place the top cover back on the Wake-up Light.

  7. Lock the top cover by turning it clockwise until the + symbol on the top cover and the + symbol on the lamp housing are aligned. (Fig. 6)

replacing halogen bulb

On the lamp housing

replacing halogen bulb 2

The information on this page applies to the following models: HF3471/60 , HF3485/60 , HF3470/60 , HF3470/01 . more less

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