Avent Spout Cup

My Little Sippy Cup, 9oz/260ml, 9m+, Hard spout SCF753/40

Frequently Asked Questions

Which spout or nipple will fit my Philips Avent spout cup

Only the Philips Avent soft spout (SCF252) and Natural bottle nipple can be used on the spout cups. Other spouts and nipples can result in leakage.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF753/40 , SCF753/41 , SCF751/29 , SCF753/33 , SCF751/23 , SCF751/27 , SCF753/25 , SCF753/27 , SCF251/04 , SCF753/30 , SCF753/22 , SCF751/30 , SCF751/22 , SCF251/01 , SCF251/02 , SCF251/03 , SCF252/03 . more less

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