Beardtrimmer series 7000 Vacuum Beard Trimmer

Beardtrimmer series 7000 Vacuum Beard Trimmer

0.5mm precision settings, Full metal blades, 60 min cordless use/1h charge, Captures up to 90% cut hair* BT7201/15


My Philips groomer is making a strange noise

If your Philips multi groomer makes a strange noise, we can help you with some simple troubleshooting steps to solve this problem.

Groomer is not assembled properly

It can be that your groomer has not been assembled properly, which is causing it to make a strange noise. We advise you to take off the attachments and reattach them as instructed in the user manual.

Groomer is dirty

Your groomer requires regular cleaning to function properly. Stuck hair in the device can affect its performance and can cause a strange sound. Please clean your groomer according to the instructions in the user manual.

While cleaning make sure you remove the cutter, as some hair can be collected under it.

Groomer is not charged

If your groomer is running low on battery, then the struggling noise of the machine may sound odd to you. Please fully recharge your device before any further use.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BT7201/15 , BT5205/16 , BT5200/16 , HC5440/80 , HC7450/80 , QT4000/16 , QT4014/16 , BT5275/32 , BT9295/32 , QT4022/32 , QT4050/32 , QT4045/70 , QT4021/50 , QT4020/60 , QT4085/70 . more less


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