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    Why is the new Natural nipple better for my baby?

    The new improved natural nipple is specifically designed to deliver a more natural feeding experience to your little one. Find out why.

    Soft and textured nipple

    The nipple has been optimized to be more natural, the rounder tip has been introduced to enable the more natural tongue movement while drinking. The soft texture has been added on the outside of the nipple for a more soft natural touch.

    Flow rate optimization

    The flow rate has been optimized in order to support your little one to go towards a more peristaltic and natural drinking behavior, meaning mimicking the baby’s drinking behavior when drinking from the mother’s breast. In addition to that, breastfeeding flow rates are considered “slow”, so slower flow rates facilitate the combination between breast and bottle. Being able to start with a low flow rate and follow gradual increases improves the feeding experience. This makes it possible to come as close as possible to a natural feeding experience with bottle feeding.

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