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    Can I use a microwave to warm up my baby's food and drinks?

    Published on 2022-02-14
    It is not recommended to use a microwave to warm up baby food or drinks. Microwaves may destroy valuable nutrients in food/drinks and may produce localized high temperatures. If you do decide to use the microwave, take extra care to thoroughly stir heated food/drinks to ensure even heat distribution. Always check the temperature before serving. 

    Only place the container in the microwave, without the screw ring, nipple or cap.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SCD837/01 , SCY964/02 , SCY962/02 , SCD837/02 , SCD837/03 , SCD838/01 , SCY900/03 , SCY903/03 , SCD838/02 , SCD838/03 , SCD838/04 , SCD838/05 , SCD839/02 , SCD858/00 , SCD858/01 , SCY900/01 , SCY913/03 , SCY900/02 , SCY900/13 , SCY900/23 , SCY903/01 , SCY903/02 , SCY903/13 , SCY903/23 , SCY903/62 , SCY903/63 , SCY910/01 , SCY961/02 , SCY963/02 , SCY965/02 , SCY910/03 , SCY913/01 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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